Youngest Tattoo Artist in the World #60


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  1. Many young kids are gifted with artistic talent, and if they practice tattooing long term on fake skin, along with following law & blood borne pathogen rules, then just as other artist they can become the best at it. Age doesn't matter..

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  3. I have really shaky hands so I can't become a tattoo artist but being the same age as him really makes me happy 😁

    And seeing someone so young doing this kind of job is freaking awesome, the mom must be so proud

  4. I wouldn't get a tattoo because they probably hurt but they look cool. On one circumstance when I get a bit older I might get one of someone's name depending on the price

  5. I live in Panamá and I'm probably the only one who doesn't find the funny is the cometary section like:
    Would you let a kid of 15years old let you a tatto
    But he live in Panamá and look like this.
    Like is not funny for me-