'You gave me WHAT?!' | Tattoo Artists React

Everybody loves getting gifts. We all know the sheer joy of ripping through some paper, opening a box and finding… a human foot? Lots of well meaning clients give gifts to their tattoo artists, which are always appreciated, but sometimes they are a little crazy and on the borderline of terrifying, sometimes they’re even illegal. Our panel of artists share the weirdest things clients have ever brought to them.

This is our season finale. Thanks for sticking with us through all the weirdness of these Zoom interviews. Next Friday we’re back to the regular format with a whole new cast of characters.

Normally we film Tattoo Artists React at a tattoo convention. We spend two days running around, grabbing people from their booths and asking them a bunch of different questions. COVID obliterated all of our plans, but we pressed on! During lockdown the only way the Inked team talked to each other was via video chat, so we figured, why not do the same thing for our beloved Tattoo Artists React series. Naturally, there were some challenges. It’s a little awkward not being in the room with our friends. And everybody’s home technology set-up is wildly different, so the perfectionist in us was a bit peeved about video quality. That being said, connecting and speaking with some of our favorite tattooers was invigorating. It was especially nice to talk about all of the nutty experiences that take place in tattoo shops around the world at a time when they were all closed. This season looks a lot different from any of the prior seasons, but that’s OK. You’ll still be laughing until your insides hurt at Kelly’s stories, you’ll still coo at every pet that ends up on screen and you’ll still be able to argue with each other in the comment section. New episodes will be posted every Friday. This is Tattoo Artists React – Pandemic Edition.


This season’s stars:
Sara Fabel
Danny Lepore
Kelly Doty
Travis Ross
Lemeir Mitchell
Miryam Lumpini
Gian Karle
Landon Morgan
David Corden
Cavan Infante
Bobby Cupparo
Zac Scheinbaum
Jimmy Snaz
Nikki Simpson
Kevin Laroy
Robbie Ripoll
Jerrel Larkins
Omar Fame
Luca Font
Killian Moon

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  1. I had the same thing happen to me with pot when I was a teenager. I was walking to the back door of our house after smoking, and I blinked, and suddenly I just appeared closer to the door. Then I stood there for I don't know how long trying to figure out wtf was going on.

    I also gave all my female friends brand new vibrators and dildos (because I'm friends with the CEO of a sex toy manufacturer in Shenzhen)

  2. You tattoo me. I will bring you home cooked meals. Short ribs. Chicken wings with homemade sauces. Salad with all different veggies homemade dressings.

  3. I was being tattooed and the girl next to me tiped her tattoo artist with a My hero academia figurine.
    I learned that day that the tip was not always money. Her artist was into manga, it was even his specialty. 👍

  4. I stumbled upon this channel recently and now I desperately want a tattoo, however I'm so paranoid about the fact that it's permanent. There is no way I could choose something to go on my body and be happy about it a year later.

    Dang it Inked why do you do this to me XD

  5. For real this always a great show every one I always enjoy smoking a bowl n watching this show learning cool shit about tats n it's always funny knowledgeable artist n alot of the women on here are badder then a lil bit keep this shit coming

  6. Why aren't we talking about the glass eye? Like was someone using it? Did the client steal it? I need more on this. I need this full story.

  7. I was at an appointment this afternoon and my tattooer was just talking about his mushrooms that are finally growing 🤦🏽‍♂️😆🤷🏽‍♂️