Would You Be A Good Tattoo Artist? // SHOULD You Learn How to Tattoo

Have you ever thought about tattooing as a career? Here are some questions you should ask yourself if you’ve ever considered learning to tattoo or getting a tattoo apprenticeship.

Each Question, rank yourself honestly from 1 (Completely disagree) to 5 (Definitely agree) and at the end add up your score:
-Below 30 – You’re not cut out for the industry, at least at this point in your life
-30 to 50 – Tattooing may be a career option, but there may be something out there better suited for you.
-50+ – Tattooing would be a great fit for you, you should look into it further or pursue getting an apprenticeship.

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  1. Ive been a nail technician for years now.. I like making art more then I like doing nails. I HATE the salon environment 😒. I'd rather be spending my long hours making art then doing nails I'm getting sick of nails!
    I'm already used to not having a regular income and only making money when I have a client.
    Just like at a tattoo shop when you don't have a client your expected to help clean and clean up after yourself after each client.
    Pretty much every boss I've had has been verbally abusive. So I'm used to REALLY REALLY hard criticism nothing I've never heard before, I can take it.

    Ive had EXTREMELY picky clients make made me redo what I just done over and over even though 9 out of 10 people would say it looked fine the first time.

    I'm vary patient, I get told that all the time. I've had alot of clients tell me I should also be a tattoo artist because I've even hung up some of my art on the salon walls and clients have bought that art too.
    I have a vary supportive husband whos in the military and he told me he really wants me to do this because he knows ill be happier tattooing then continuing being a nail technician.
    I'm already used to working long hours and I get told alot that I'm a perfectionist.

    I'm ready but I'm scared 😅. I know I can do this but I am nervous, But I'm more scared of never making a jump in life.
    I'm more passionate about art and tattoos then I am with nails.

  2. I got a 53, I really appreciated this video. I'm an Illustration major with a minor in animation. I'm a junior but I need to start thinking about internships/apprenticeships. I also want my masters because if I'm putting something on someone's body, I want it to be right. I'm going to give it a bit more thought ( i have time) but everyone keeps telling me they could see me as a tattoo artist.

    Thank you so much for this video, it helped a lot

  3. I have always loved body mods and art and I want to start the path of being a tattoo artist but things like this make me nervous. I'm disabled and cant work long hours and my neurological issues make it harder for me to go fast and i try to not compare my work to others or be extremely competitive. I scored a 41 btw

  4. It’s a little misleading to say that you can’t have any free time or spend time with family & friends in order to have a successful career in tattooing. No career in any industry should dominate a person’s life to the point of consumption. If a person truly loves to do something, they’ll always find a way to get things done, improve, and be great. Being a successful tattoo artist and taking time to enjoy life are not mutually exclusive. Anyway, f*ck capitalism, I do not dream of labor.

  5. I’m 15, and I think that being a tattoo artist is right for me. Not only because it’s been my dream job since I was little, but after talking to my dad (who is a tattoo artist), and researching different things about the job and skills required, I believe it’s going to be the funnest job I will ever have the privilege of having. I do not have a problem with going through a year long apprenticeship, dedicating my life to tattoos, drawing literally every day, going through the stress of having to be perfect because I don’t want to mess up a tattoo cuz that would be bad for both me and the client. There is a lot that it takes to be successful in this line of work, but I am willing to do anything to achieve my lifelong goal of doing tattoos for a living.