Would These Artists Tattoo Your Face? | Tattoo Artists React

This week our artists take on one of the most divisive subjects in the tattoo industry—Job Stoppers. What is an artist to do when an 18-year-old kid comes in and asks for a face tattoo? How about when someone wants their first tattoo to wrap all around their neck? Or when a gaggle of college girls come in to get matching finger tattoos? Our panel of tattoo artists talk about the ethics behind doing Job Stoppers and why they will, or won’t, ink up somebody’s hands and face.

Inked has rounded up all of your favorite tattooers for another season of Tattoo Artists React. This season we’ll grill them about the biggest mistake they’ve ever made, how they approach doing job stoppers, what it feels like to see that their work has been covered up and more. You’ll marvel as they struggle to figure out which celebrities aren’t inked and laugh until your sides hurt as they tell us about the worst clients they’ve ever had to deal with. It’s going to be a season filled with excitement, hilarity and even the occasional tear. New episodes will be posted every Friday.

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This season’s stars:
Pony Lawson
Anali De Laney
Charly Huurman
Nate Silverii
Morgan Reynolds
Federico Galliani
Sara Fabel
Paul Acker
Alexandra Fische
Nathan Godfree
Carl Grace
Devonne Foxworth
Mauricio Contreras
Arron Raw
Sergio Sanchez
Cassady Bell
Sabrina Sawyers
Scotty Whitaker
Andy Pho
Stefano Alcantara
Tony Medellin
Nikko Hurtado
Pierre Lotusonyx
Paul Stansby
Deano Cook
Owen Paulls
Anthony Michaels
Garrett Iaco
Steve Butcher
Yomico Moreno

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  1. @5:26
    My first ever tattoo was an equal sign on the inside of my left ring finger. The first shop I went to refused to do a finger tattoo because it would fade and reflect badly on them. I was 18, so I went down the street to the next shop where they did it. The artist there said that he tried to give people what they wanted because they could just go somewhere else and get it.
    I’m 22 now, I work as a cna and am going to nursing school. I haven’t had anyone say anything about my tattoo. Most don’t even notice it unless I point it out. I still love it today and am happy that it was my first tattoo.

  2. I wish more people understood that you need to earn hand, throat and face tattoos. I love how hand tattoos look but I'm probably still a few years away.

  3. My parents never really like me getting tattoos but they still love me . Idk tattoos storys to me and art shows how I am or how I feel. Hard explain .I love my tattoos.

  4. There’s people I’m friends with who have friends with face tattoos and they are having a rough go of life , the guys I go to literally won’t let me until I show them a paystub from a career job that’s cool with tattoos lmao

  5. I've been tattooing for 20yrs and I actually stopped for a couple years because I felt I was one of the very few artists that had any ethics. I don't care if the next guy does it. I won't.

  6. Recently got my hand done, no regrets other than the person who did it. They did a good job on another piece, but butchered my hands. If you are getting hand pieces make sure you go somewhere that knows what they are doing so you dont have to pay to have it done twice like me lol.

  7. I know a girl who got tatted mom and dad on each hand next to her thumb….every time she gets jiggy she will be looking at those words around the d😭🤢

  8. I got rejected to get my neck done until I had more tattoos, had two sleeves done, got the neck tattoo, 5 years later regretted the neck tattoo 😂😂

  9. i say flood the market with face tattoos! That way I can actually get a sleeve without losing my job. If everyone has a face tattoo, well, they gotta hire somebody

  10. My friend works at a regular job, and has several face tattoos. He covers them with make up when he goes to work. You can pretty easily cover a small face tattoo with make up, for situations where it might be better not to have it.

  11. I started with two 1 hour tattoos on each of my arms, then jumped in the deep end with a 6 hour stomach piece. It kinda shocks people when they see my arms and ask if I have any more and show them some other small pieces then BLAM here's my stomach!