Worst Sabotage Backfires 🔪Ink Master

In addition to producing solid tattoos, winning Ink Master requires strategic Skull Picks and trustworthy alliances. These artists all attempted sabotage, but it backfired. Big time.

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  1. I think i can't be friends with Americans…REAL friends! Everyone is so aggressive…guy tries to save your stomach to look ugly…this is how he communicates!? Btw how people are on tv…sadly they are in life the same…

  2. In defense of the first canvas he did something amazing by losing a lot of weight and everyone is just like ew this skin. I would be hostile too. The artists sometimes have no tact

  3. The guys making fun of Sausage for being mad or babies Istg 🤣 what’s with that attitude ? You can’t even do good enough on a simple canvas

  4. pretty sure they didn't send nikki's bad tattoo home because the viewers stan her because ofc 'OH SHES A GIRL SHES SO COOL AND NEEDS MERCY' as the judges say, gender doesnt matter. if she was sent home, war would start immediately. evem though Kevin's tattoo sucked, they were equally bad, and as opinionated as this comment goes, not meant to offend anyone.

  5. The idea of being a tattoo artist stresses me out! I make a lot of mistakes in my art so fucking up permanently on someone else gives me anxiety.

  6. Kevin turned that pic of the cute child, into a tattoo of a child suffering from progeria. Still better than the other one though.

  7. For God so loved the world that He gave His one & only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him. (John 3:16-17)✝️

  8. Scott: Look at how Sausage is complaining how he has to tattoo his canvas, what a big baby haha
    Sausage: I talked him into getting a chest piece
    Scott: immediately complains to anyone nearby

  9. bruh how’s he gna go into a competition and think ppl aren’t gna give him hard things.. the point isn’t to be handed the easiest thing

  10. Imagine trying to screw someone over to get them end up with the worst tattoo but then you end up having the shitty tattoo of the day and the person you tried to screw over gets the best tattoo.

  11. That Scott dude pisses me off. "this isn't real life this is a f*cking competition." IT'S REAL FOR THE PEOPLE GETTING THE TATTOO ASSHOLE!
    what a nice attitude. i'd for sure want some macho asshole to tattoo me. I'm sure if i have a problem or a change i want to make to the design he came up with that he'd just act like a little baby about it like he's doing on this show.

  12. Those two guys screwed over pon and they knew EXACTLY what they were doing. Trying to get facial details on a whole figure is SO SO difficult compared to a profile from the sternum up

  13. Huh…anyone ever notice that all shows like this are just assholes to each other?

    The only one I've ever seen where people act good to each other is Forged in Fire.

  14. I didn't see this whole season, but from what I saw, I absolutely loved how JImmy was with the women on his team during Turf Wars. He was just sweet and encouraging.