Why You Should Prioritize Choosing an Artist Over Choosing a Tattoo Shop

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  1. A reason for sticking with the shop w dif artist w dif styles that u could have mentioned is you don’t walk in to a new place n start at the bottom of the food chain treated like a new client maybe even hated on cause u have tats from someone the next shop has tattoo beef with n they can treat you certain ways good or bad. Usually bad. Maybe someone who used to work there n left or the guy who opened up down the street. The shop w several artist will already know you to some degree n be like oh that’s James client so I’ll treat him good. Maybe not start u out at max pricing possible. Cause if u come in w some stuff from dude down the street I know you paid 1k n he overcharged you for a little tat, that’s the new min and I cost more than that guy. You can screw yourself on price. N when the artist asks how much you pay for that, the person always lies to try to flex like I got this for 500 knowing they paid 1500 but don’t want u to know it was 3 sessions at 500 but you already know because you already heard through a mutual friend when n where they got it for how much and how much they hate it. Before they ever came in. When I was just starting I would have charged 100 bucks n guys would be like I got this for 300 and such n such shop. Ok I’ll be nice n twice the size for only 500 n they’d love it thinking they are getting over on 100 bucks me myself knowing I sucked and was just learning to tattoo. They’d set their own price n I was happy to oblige. People’s greed and need for results now instead of waiting fs em every time. Pay a lil more and wait an extra week. Get it in a real shop. You will be thankful you did.

  2. Went to a shop for an artist who did amazing geometric shapes, he ended up leaving the shop. The desk person asked another artist, “can you do it.” Her response, “sure, i guess.” That’s a no for me. Great shop but not all the artist are equal

  3. In my country everything is simple. You write to a salon via messenger, send a photo of a tattoo which you want, and they give you the date. That’s it. Artists choose themselves which tattoos they want to make. They will do everything what you want, won’t say that I won’t do it, because I don’t like it and etc. So these kind of videos are pointless, but when I’m excited for my upcoming new tattoo, I like from time to time to watch similar videos.

  4. The tattoo shop that i was working a while ago started posting pictures of my works and trying to promote their page over my works! Never giving me credit or mentioning anywhere my name and deleting immediately comments of my followers who is actually shaming them for stealing my works! Lot of tattoo shop owners are absolutely assholes and most cases they are not even artists at all they are always trying to take an advantage of their workers making money and only what they care is to get costumers for themselves and for their shitty business. Do NOT go to any tattoo shop which does stuff like choose your ARTIST not the shop !

  5. A lot of shops do organizing and booking for their artists.

    There is a huge shop with multiple locations in my city. So I've seen a couple artists I like there but every time I've had a bad experience. After the consult I paid a deposit and then the artist didn't get back to me with a draft until a couple days before the tattoo. I said it was nothing like what I wanted and then they bounced me to 2 more artists before I got my deposit back.

    It was just so disorganized and I have the feeling the artist is letting herself be overworked. 4 months between consult and rough draft means you forget what the consult was.

    Contrast that to a shop I love. We do consult. Then a week later I come in and they show a very rough draft to ensure we understand each other, pay the deposit. Then a week before the tattoo another consult is booked to sign off on the finished art and make any changes if needed.

    It's just so much better to have this stuff scheduled in advance and for everyone to understand each other.

  6. I'm having difficulty finding the right artist for me.. Well, I've found the right artists but they're all too far away from me. I live in the North East of the UK, but all of my favourite artists are down in London. Since I'm thinking of a smaller tattoo, do you think it would be possible to do a consultation without meeting first, then travel to do one tattoo session or is that not advisable?

  7. Hey James,
    I just wanted to thank you…all of ur videos have been super helpful for me. I'm a virgin when it comes to tattoos but my bestie and I want to break that in June. Your videos have been super helpful to me to over come my fear and many questions. Thank you thank you thank you

  8. This dope, I’m a tattoo enthusiast… that doesn’t have any tattoos and your video on darker skin opened my eyes to more points about what I should look into when I’m looking for my artist this month!
    I would like to see a video where you explain the space an artist has on a skinny person versus a bigger person when getting a sleeve and if gaining weight/muscle (healthy) or losing it affects the piece greatly.

  9. I wouldn't get a tattoo from an artist I don't know of (and had a consultation with), so I definitely choose artist over shop. That typed, there are so many artists out there and only so much room on the canvas. It's also tough not only getting in with better known artists, but getting to them. It can end up costing many times over the amount of the work in logistics. It's a passion. A lot of artists I admire are out of the country and some don't even speak the same language, which creates additional challenges.

  10. In my personal experience,the worst tattoo artists I have encountered have been ones with the gift of gab and they’re generally the ones waiting for someone to walk in and when you go to look at the portfolio’s they stop you and come up and hit you with “man I’ve been tattooing for over 20 years,I’ve owned my own shop before,I do it all man,blah blah blah” basically trying to persuade you to get tattooed by them instead of letting their portfolio start the conversation.

  11. Hey James! I work in a tattoo shop in State College PA and we get a ton of calls about lip tattoos and tattoos on the bottom of feet which our shop refuses to do due to the lack of longevity and quality of the work. Would it be possible for you to make a video explaining the reasoning for this? I know the science behind it because I work at the shop all day every day, but I think it would be helpful for the "general public" to be able to know why before they try stopping in and getting one of these tattoos! Thanks! By the way, I'm a huge fan of yours, I hope to get tattooed by you eventually!

  12. always great content!! as someone who loves tattoos and has tattoos, some of your info is a no brainer but your videos are just so entertaining! it’s nice to listen to a professional who really knows what he’s doing so i recommend your stuff to people who want/need to learn before getting tattoos

  13. While I have a commendable amount of time in the chair and this video absolutely did not apply to me, I appreciate the easily-approachable information you put out to the youngins that are hesitant about their first tattoos. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I’ve had to dispel misinformation or give a little advice about first getting tattooed.

    Great series boss, keep it up.