WHY I Don’t Work At A Tattoo Shop & WHY I Will NEVER Work There Again


I HAD To make this video, and finally expose how things REALLY are in the Tattooing Industry.

No One Talks about it EVER. I feel as someone who’s been there, done it, seen it, and is now making a living on my own – I deserve to be outspoken, and share my concerns.

As a Self Taught Tattooist – this is My advice to you, if you are truly about this business.

Don’t ruin your career for this. If you want to learn How To Tattoo? Great. There are Tons of Educational Articles online, where you can read, study, watch my Helpful Tutorials, Practice on Fake Skin – and perhaps start your Own Journey.

I won’t and Will NOT remove this video – As I truly Believe it HAD to be posted, said, and kept.

For all the haters out there. Keep Hating. I created my own life. What did you accomplish? Lol

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  1. the shop where i was an "apprentice" did the same thing.. the owner and my "mentor" where fucking the piercer while smoking pot or drinking all the time during shop hours.. i finally left and have a small home studio ( still learning ) i am now a graphic design student in a university ( west palm beach) the industry seems fucking bullshit .. of course there are good "artists" out there but. damn son! example? a "20 year experience artist" spelled a name wrong while making fun of me for not knowing the master secret of how to tattoo like a professional

  2. Most artist are assholes in my op is because we get canceled appointments and a lot of ( talkers ) all the time and the amount wasted time turns u into an asshole lol

  3. Im blessed to be an apprentice at an amazing shop with 4 tattoo artists who have 11+ years of experience they’re funny and nice to all but they do have they’re days lol

  4. I love the content you’re releasing as I have been traumatized by the exact same
    Stuff you have been saying for years and mind you I been an apprentice for 3 months at a tattoo shop in illinois. They treated me like trash and since then I’m coming back for myself not for them but to be better than what they were because since then I have never seen them ever improve!

  5. I am happy you are very vocal about the industry.
    I’m still new to this world, two years professionally to be exact.
    I’ve been in four tattoo shops, including the one I am currently at.
    They all face similar problems, some are worse than others.
    I hope to have my own private studio.
    Keep kicking ass!
    You are truly inspiring and I am glad I am not the only one that sees the bs in this industry.

  6. Is there a way I could email you? This video hit me HARD. I have been tattooing over 20 years and my situation is even worse if you can believe it. Everything you are saying is DEAD ON SO TRUE

  7. 🖊✒️🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 Raw honesty Tredoll lives by so Thank you for the honesty 🖤real talk these shops die with the times there are many Brilliant modern day tattoos Artist 🖤🖤💄love Everything you said

  8. Sorry to hear you being so upset. But I understand why. You had alot of good points and people just are rude and disrespectful now days.
    I like your videos on tattooing learned alot on the videos I watched so far. I like to see more videos on line work, shading, texturing, gray washing, color packing.
    Also like to see more videos on setting the springs on the liner and shader/color packer if possible.
    Thx and again really like your tattooing videos.

  9. I’m an apprentice n she’s right about a lot of things 🙁 I do love tattooing doe n I’m gonna make the change I’m not gonna be an asshole !

  10. I did an apprenticeship at a tattoo place and I’m a RN as my full time job and wanted to have a little hobby on the side. You totally nailed the description of the tattoo industry and your video is amazing. I’m planning on getting my own studio and not work in a tattoo shop every again. Thank you