Why do people get tattoos? – Dr. Matt


Do you have a tattoo? Maybe you’re planning to get one in the future. What are your motives?

There are hundreds of reasons why do people get tattoos. But psychology also has several answers to this question. Learn about them by watching my new video.

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  1. Up to now I still look for meaning and answer for my plan to have my first ever tattoo at age 30s.. I keep all pics for my tattoo long way back 10-15 yrs

  2. I will NEVER get a tattoo. I have two brothers and they are covered. I will never scar my body with an ugly tattoo and I’m a millennial.

  3. people who want to fit in you get one you get attention the attention goes away you get another one next thing you know no one care about the no more so try to keep up with the personality that you tried to show at first so yeah insecure and trying to fit in

  4. Here is something that people who get tattoos should know. Many people you show your new tattoo to may not really like it. They may say stuff like cool, neat, awesome or something positive. They are just being nice. If you take note they don't have any tattoos. I say how cool or how beautiful it looks which is true.

  5. In a free country we should be able to confidently and courageously express ourselves with our natural forms of expression. I like and believe in so many things that my visible body couldn't possibly reflect them all. I've also been known to change my mind which is easier than editing my body art! To me it's a form of rebellion against conformity. I've known too many people that regret what they did to their bodies when they were young.

  6. Covered in Tattoos are people who have done very little in life trying to project an image of a vast experienced full life.
    These people look hideous.

  7. All i know is that ppls want tattoo are insecure

    Like they want something to remember forever….. maybe like memory from the past

    Or they just curious or want something cool..that is permanent to the bodg

    I mean i want tattoo…but the process of hurting our body

  8. People are idiots. They want to get tattoo to look cool and badass. Basically they are all insecure dumbshits. Hahahahaha

    Self expression? Idiot stupid. You can express yourself without it. We express ourselves every damn time. This guy is really idiot.

  9. My dad says : short men get their whole arms tattooed . Narcissistic men get tattooed all over their chest and back . He said this when I got a tiny tattoo on my ring finger interior : you are just a poser he said . He was right , I didn’t even like tattoos .

  10. For me, i wanted to have 3 or 4 tattoos but not to look cool..but this is my journey and i want to see it over my body and to remember it.
    But till now i can't even i am an adult. But one day i will do it.

  11. my wife and I have a little game going on between us. We grade tattoos we see on mostly women. From 1 to 100 which is the most hideous..
    we discussed ways that they will be able to hide the tattoos when they suddenly become’s comming..
    I read that the social pressure women feel that results in things like tatoos is a trend that is partly because of the “empowerment of women “ push…
    those poor fragile eggshell minds
    there was a plan by the Eisenhower administration after World War II to get women out of the kitchen and out into the taxpaying workforce to help pay for the national debt due to World War II. Women/housewives had it made before the 1960s. They were stay at home moms. They didn’t have to venture out and slay the dragon every day..Actually.Now women have to do both, keep her home and the children and keep a job filling the national coffers with payroll tax money.That government covert operation was called “women’s Lib”. They made women think it was their own idea to take off the apron and pick up a shovel.
    it worked. Congratulations President Eisenhower.It was genius. When you can change Traditional gender roles, and make target group think it’s their own idea, that is what i would call, controll…

  12. Tattoos are fine but remember if your Not who you want to be or able to express that, your not gonna be more after a tattoo, strong personality don't need to talk about it

  13. I have eight. They're entirely about self-expression (though I admit that I got the five 'visible' ones AFTER getting married to a man who accepts and loves tattoos, and is always supportive of me getting another one if I ever decide to. We have 20 between us.) All but one of my eight are custom; the one flash tattoo was chosen because, pre-Internet, I didn't know the name of the type of cross I wanted. (Few other people do, either. They compliment my 'Celtic' or 'Maltese' cross, when that isn't even close; it's called a budded cross.) I never took pleasure in the 'rebel' aspect and was frankly quite happy when they gained mainstream acceptance, especially being a woman.

  14. I see having tattoos alot. It's hard to find someone that isn't. My opinion is they think they need one to fit in, be trendy or they possibly have low self esteem. Alot of people also regret getting something permanent like a tattoo. Here's one way to think about this. Since people hate labels so much and yet people still go to the effort to physically and permanently label themselves? Not to mention how expensive it is.
    Here's an idea, instead of tattooing yourself how about you commission an artist or tattooist to create a piece of art you can put somewhere. If you get tired of it you can resell it possibly for a profit. Can't do that with a tattoo!

  15. People with tattoos are idiots.. period..
    Oh yeah, I need to attract attention from people who don’t matter so that I can cover up sad existence of my life…