Why Do Celebrities Get Bad Tattoos? | Tattoo Artists Answer

14 tattoo artists try to explain the phenomenon behind why famous celebrities tend to get bad tattoos instead of investing in better artists.

Which celebrity do you think has the worst tattoos? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I agree with these artists. The majority of celebrities get shite tattoos! Lady Gaga just has a bunch of random crap on her shoulder, there's no flow and none of them make sense next to each other. Same with Miley Cyrus. They look like they put quarters in a stick on tattoo machine for kids and just slapped them randomly all over the their body.

  2. ive just seen this for first time, and all i want to say is don't judge people how they look i recently got my first tattoo and my friends dont like my tattoo but i don't care what they think its my body bit these celbs look like they dont care about the healing process, a tattoo take like 2 weeks to heal and you have to take care off it so these people saying " These tats look fooking sh*t " there dealing with there careers and there not looking after them. All i have to end this with is if your getting a tat now look after it and get what you want its your body no one else , Fu*k what your family and friends say you wanted it and you paid for it. Enjoy your day 🙂

  3. Bieber . . .
    Did he think, “Let me imitate who I believe people think I should be.
    Do I look like a real talent now? How about now?? More? Should I get more?? Where should I put the next one? Here? Or here?? Maybe here; how about here??”

  4. Neil Grant tattooed Greg Allman and, I believe, James Caan, decades ago. Neil was a good person, not —he’d admit — the best artist, but an able and caring tattooed. Neil may have tattooed Wendy O. Williams, or maybe he just met her as a fan.

    Greg Allman tattooed his autograph on Neil’s leg; they were, I’d consider, friends. He was known the last few years before his death for simply being an artist whom the famous could go to away from the hangers-on.


  5. I think that since with wealth you have endless opportunities you don't spend time on research: time=education, money=skip time. The people who have to grind to get something, on the other hand, really have the time to think and change concepts, and get educated in the meanwhile: in a world of high costs and custom pieces, you have to choose what you want carefully and have no regrets. Those same money could mean a month of rent, or food; so it better be worthy, or you just lost a lot of money for crap.

  6. The reason why celebrity’s have a lot of shitty tats is cuz celebrities are extremely busy and don’t have time to wait in line for very good artists ,they also don’t want random ppl tatting on them so they let there “homeboy” who is alright but not great tat them cuz he can work with there schedule and there comfortable with him .

  7. Think about this, most of these "celebrities " don't have the money you think they're probably in debt and use their name to get free shit. Not all of them but I'm sure most of them

  8. Aflecks was before he was famous. How many of these people do you think got their ink before they were famous and that was the best they could afford? or they're old af so that was the best availible at the time. not every bad celeb tat is like JB's.

  9. I agree with a lot of this video, but at some point not everyone is a tattoo connoisseur and cares about getting an immaculate x specific style tattoo. What if their tattoos are how they wanted it? What if Post Malone's lettering didn't need to be glorious and perfectly executed for him to love it the same? There's a weird obsession and standard with getting perfectly executed tattoos, but my favorites have been some that look how they look, and maybe that's what the canvas wanted.