WHY did I open a Tattoo Shop as a 21 year old woman?!

I get asked about why I opened a tattoo studio at 21years old a LOT – and looking back – it’s a damn valid question because WTF was I thinking…. Ive learnt so much in the past 7 years and I’ve made MANY mistakes, but I think I’ve grown up a lot (in front of y’all I might add – which comes from with its own issues….) and I am pretty proud of the woman I’ve become and more proud of the woman I still WANT to be.

So in this video I tell the story of GRIM Tattoo Studios in Hamilton ON and how i feel about the good, the bad and the heart breaks.

This will be part 1 in a few part series, where I get into lessons, stories and why I would NEVER want to do anything else.

Thank You for watching – please let me know how you feel about the video and give me your suggestions or ask questions in the comments below

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  1. I'm DEFINITELY hearing UK accent . Commented before I heard the london comment . Lmao . But you cover it so well nearly posing as all american .

  2. Hi first I want to be 100% straight up with you. So you had me in tears by the end of the video like for real. Also being honest I followed over per say from tik-tok
    I seen the link and came over then I seen you had many videos so I randomly occurred one and so now here I am. So couple things. One is you are amazing not kidding. I have not seen a soul like yours in a min, you are an amazing person through and through. I didn't have any questions or expectations when i hit play on your video. Now I have answers to questions that no one knew I had. As well as ( this is where it gets weird lol just forwarning.) Now I have what I think is called a role model, or mentor, some one to look up to and inspire to be. (This is ridiculous I'm starting to cry again) and I have a faver I'm not sure 100% if I will ever get to point to do so but it things go good would I or could I use this video to show others? Basicly I'm wanting to help people to quite things to change things in there life that's holding them back from there true self and I honestly think your video is so powerful. Thank you for a new look a new perspective. Your just so fucking beautifull. I hope to one day maybe even meet the one I now look up to.

  3. I love your honesty and amazing attitude. I think you're incredible, you inspire me. You have accomplished so much .
    Memphis can you make a future video of the history behind your tattoos.