Why Celebrities Get Bad Tattoos | Tattoo Artists Answer

Tattoo artists debate over why celebrities get bad tattoos.

Which celebrities do you think get bad tattoos? Let us know in the comments!

Artists in this video:
Mira Mariah – @girlknewyork
Laura Martinez – @nothingwildtattoo
Doreen Garner – @flesh_and_fluid
Fan – @fantattoo531
Keith “Dez” Hernandez –
Trudy Lines – @trudy_lines_tattoo
Janda Farley – @jandadrawsstuff
Matt Truiano – @matttruiano
Gabe Pantoja – @gabetattoos
Joey Perez – @tattoosbyjoeyp
Niiru – @niirutattoo
Grant Lubbock – @grant_tattoos
Jess Machete – @jessmachete
Josh Lord – @joshualord
Jon Mesa – @jonmesatattoos
Brian Sold – @briansold
Burak Moreno – @burakmoreno
Suranghee Ro – @suroshinn
Monikka Velvet – @monikkavelvet
Michelle Santana – @mnsantanatattoo
Rods Jimenez – @rodsjimenez
Daniel Marmo – @tattoosbydmo
Baris Yesilbas – @barisyesilbas
Cheo Park – @cheopark
Caesar Bacchus – @caesarbaccvs_tattoos

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  1. Idc about any of these celebrities but these people calling tattoos “bad tattoos” is the equivalent of pop stars calling punk rock bad music

  2. my theory is that you know it’s impulse, they want a tattoo when they want it and the best tattoo artists are booked out weeks or even months so they’re gonna go to whose gonna do it right then and there. or they go to artists who will do it for free or give them a “deal” just because they’re famous, like the guy that does my tattoos whose really well known in Atlanta tattoo scene and is booked for months usually told me one session about i believe it was either woahvicky or bad bhabie (i can’t remember which one) how she wanted to both get tattooed basically immediately and didn’t want to pay him but instead give him a shout out on instagram which he declined.

  3. Anyone remember the episode where they had to guess what celebrity had the tattoo and everyone shitted on the Ariana grande moon hand tattoo and said they'd whoop their ass if that was them and the girl who did that tattoo is literally sitting in the video as to why do celebrities get shit tattoos and everyone shit on her tattoo lmfao.

  4. 2:10 Why tf is she talking?, don’t get Samoan, Tongan , or any other patterns on you if the artist doesn’t know what it means. Go to an actual artist who specializes in Polynesian tattoos and or Tatau. It’s clear she got that in the moment and the artist said, “Yeah I can do that”, without knowing jack shit.

  5. While I agree that celebrities probably don't like waiting, they probably can't always scheduled a tattoo based on the artists availability – they often have to fly over the world, and they can't always be in a middle of changing their body appearance if they're shooting a movie or training for certain events… So, tattoo artists who want to treat stars as regular people forget that for them it may not be just as easy to make an appointment on a certain days as it is for someone, who can take a day off or switch shifts

  6. You know how celebrities have to sign contract for tattoo, taking rights for it with them, so Tyson situation wouldn't repeat? Maybe good artists don't want to give right to them to promote it, and make money, or be cool with other people copying them? I bet on that.

  7. Post Malone is a pretty decent artist and appears to have a chill personality. HOWEVER, he has the most off putting, oddly placed, and shitty looking tattoos.