Who's Your Favorite Tattoo Artist? | Tattoo Artists Answer

24 tattoo artists talk about some of their favorite tattoo artists, whether they helped influence their work and inspired them to start tattooing, or if they’re just creating some amazing work.

Who is your favorite tattoo artist? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. The artist that got me to fall in love with tattoos is Paul Booth. Second would be a little known artist out of Russia named, Grisha Maslov. His work is one of a kind and I haven't seen anyone do work like his style.

  2. I think bj betts has a weird idea on specializing in certain styles. I’m not going to go to someone who’s best work is in colors and cartoons, if I want black and grey realism. I feel like you can get a better client base from that. Not to mention you’re putting all of your hard work and time into one style versus 10 styles. So your work will be much better in whatever you choose. Rather than spreading yourself thin trying to master a bunch of styles

    Edit: just how painters have their own styles and techniques. Some specialize in oil paints, while others may specialize in acrylics. Honestly anything that anyone can specialize in, they will. It’ll make your clients more confident in you too. Knowing that they’re going to you for something that you excel in, and have focused a lot of your time on

  3. I think the specialty artists are great and if they can make a living doing one style more power to them but I my opinion a great artist should be confident to execute any style with precision. It's like a mechanic saying I only work on 1972 Cuda, you're not going to get much work

  4. 11:37
    Why is it ridiculous?
    Sounds like you're upset because people would rather go to someone who specialises in portraits and is leagues better than you at them, than to go to you, a jAcK oF AlL tRaDeS.

  5. Paulo Suluape the Master! my best friend Samuelu Tuiatoa was his apprentice and wore the Samoan traditional laei
    Years later I finally wear it

  6. If no ones heard or seen of Sunny Bhanushali i highly recommend checking his work out. Actually kind of surprised wasn't mentioned.

  7. I find it very interesting no one mentioned traditional artists. Sailor Jerry, zeke owen, Stoney st Clair, ed hardy, etc those guys paved the way man

  8. Color realism and black and grey realism looks cool when it’s freshly tattooed. But in 10 years they’re going to look terrible. Bold and bright American traditional is going to last forever.

  9. “The next Nikko Hurtado” that’s a big name to live up to, and he said at the time the guy was in middle school… WHO IS HE TALKING ABOUT!? Would really love to know, plz and thank u 🙏