Who Has the Best Tattoos? Gen Z, Millennials or Baby Boomers? | Tattoo Artists React

Art is ever evolving and tattoos are no different. Trends come and go, technology changes and the level of tattoo acceptance in society is forever fluid, so we wanted to know, which generation has the best tattoos? Is it the old school Baby Boomers? The Millennials who make up the bulk of the artists on our panel? Or is Gen Z out there making great choices right from the jump? As usual, our panel may have focused a bit more on those who made the worst choices than the good ones, but that’s half the fun, right?

Welcome to Season 17 of Tattoo Artists React!

We’re baaaaaack! We have a brand new cast and a whole new batch of questions for our panel of tattoo artists. This time around we’re going to be tackling all of the tough subjects—what should a tattooer never do, what kind of tattoo is a dealbreaker to spot on a first date and more. We even gave everybody a spelling test. Yeah, you heard me, a spelling test. Strap yourselves in, it’s going to be a wild season!


Angel Rose
Anthony Michaels
Creepy Jason
Cypress Hayunga
Dan McWilliams
Galen Bryce
Jake Karamol
Jesse Missman
Joey Rosado
Laura Marie
Lina Hsiao
Lynn Hoang
Maria Garza
Monikka Velvet
Reese Hilburn
Sydney Smith
Tyler Ciarlanti

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  1. Millenials I think grew up in a time right between tattoo bias and tattoo acceptance – Kind of like how we were born during the super ramp up in technology – so I feel like our tattoos (and by our I mean the average Joe) always need to have some kind of justification behind it even if it's just a cool picture of a wolf. "Because it symbolizes my deep nature connection." "I had a dream where-" etc. Hence why Millenials get all these nostalgia tats or "makes you think tats" or whatever – whether it's to emulate the past or remember a beloved if not cringe show. The latest gen who can get tats now I feel like live in a world that's wholly accepting of tats for the most part so it's easier to just get whatever you want just for the sake of aesthetic with not much deeper meaning behind it other than "it's dope."

    My parents grew up being told tats are bad but are now pretty accepting of them. However my dad still can't get a tat even though he really wants one due to the mindset and my mom had the opposite reaction where the floodgates opened after she got her first meaningful tat. It's interesting the psychology that might be behind it all!

  2. I’ve watched a lot of these and wondered what was on his leg that they always had to blur but not enough to go like google searching it. Thanks to an editing error you can see it at 4:00.

  3. My parents are boomers and not gonna lie their ink is dooope my dads legs are both fully done with Japanese style dragons and other traditional Japanese elements. My moms are more American traditional and both are ultra dope. My ink doesn’t come close to how cool theirs is

  4. I think Gen Z and Millennials have less excuse to get shit tatts. Baby boomers and Gen X had way less choice and talent available, the stuff that we have is insane