What’s the Deal With Face Tattoos? | Tattoo Artists React

The world practically came to a stop when Mike Tyson tattooed his face, now people don’t even bat an eye when Post Malone adds to his collection of face ink. While face tattoos have become far more commonplace, there’s still a certain level of stigma surrounding them. We asked our panel of artists how they felt about how popular face tattoos have become and whether or not they have rules before they agree to tattoo a clients face.

At this rate, we’re pumping out seasons of Tattoo Artists React faster than those “Now This Is What I Call Music” psychopaths. This time around, we’ve brought back some of your favorite characters to share their ridiculous stories, per your requests. We also had the chance to sit down with some folks for the very first time. This season you’ll watch us tackle the big questions, tell some silly tales and react to this thing the kids seem to love called TikTok.

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  1. Y’all actually made me wonder if tattooers ever make sure that their clients aren’t intoxicated or under the influence before tattooing someone on their head/face or even hands 🤔🤔🤔

  2. Tattooing you face means u aren’t hiding 🙈 anything

    It just shows how much of a Loser someone is and that I really don’t care what they have to say to me

    Because they show that they don’t even like themselves I mean seriously get a life 🤣

    People got issues 🚫

  3. My view is very simple. If you are of age, get your tattoo done wherever on your body you want. If you are dumb enough to do it, that is YOUR problem to deal with, not the artist.

  4. In regards to any tattoos on or above the neck or beyond the wrist… anything that shows in your class A’s is against AR 670-1. I’m not in the military anymore, but there’s a reason we set those guidelines in place… you’ll look stupid and unemployable and it’s a poor decision. I choose to live by that AR for the rest of my life lol.

  5. Certain circumstances, i think they're cool, like the Maori tradition of face tattoos has such an interesting history to it, or people that are so dedicated to the tattoo industry or have a shit load of tattoos, its just awesome. However someone like Amber Rose getting a forehead tattoo is just so fucking stupid.

  6. You have to have something going on like really big, being in the streets or being a entrepreneur to get a face tattoo, but if you get one and doing a 9to5 than you’re fucked unless you have really good friends in high places

  7. Yes people should get tattoos that's true to themselves and not just follow trends or copy others. But like the people have mentioned before people do it to grab attention and to be edgy. If those people followed what you say you will get a lot fewer customers.

  8. I'm 31 just got my first face tattoo, I also have my hands and my head tattooed as well as almost full sleeves. I'm also a Barber so we get some lead way.

  9. It's deeply embedded (literally) in my culture as it describes our tribal connections, social standing and life story. Women have it on the chin ( moko kauae ) & forehead and men have it all over (ta moko). It's burden to wear it due to western culture not ascribing to it positively, & you need tribal permission have tribal patterns on it but otherwise, for us, tattoos are normal. We use the adage "the ugly man is beautiful" as one is not afraid of beautiful people, but you're nervous around ugly,tattooed people. 😉

  10. It would never happen with me .Its just my opinion but i would Never get any tattoo above my chest .I just stick to arms and back of the legs .. Every tatt i have has meaning to me but i dont have a lot of tattoos either (11).. Then again im only talking about myself .I think a person should do whatever they want but my rule is i think of a design i want to get wait a year then if i still want it go to my artist and tell her to draw something up for me . I have learned she is the Artist let her do what she knows how to do …

  11. “I technically have a face tattoo”

    Why the heck did she say “technically”? She clearly has face tattoos. Just because you’re trying to hide it a little with your hair doesn’t mean you didn’t get multiple tattoos on your face 🙄

  12. Tattoos used to be a way to be different. Now, I'm in2 scarification so I can do them myself. I do rituals along side them so I don't have 2 put up w/ pretentious tattoo artists and it means something special to me.

  13. The person who gets the face ratio is unaware that it’s not their choice to get the tattoo, they are posses by Satans demon whom are tasked with marking Satans followers. The devil can’t hide, he must mark everything he does to be seen by our eyes. However, I’ve met young men that have come out of the trance and repented and invited Jesus to replace the demon which we all must do in life to enter eternal life away from the human body. I had a near death experience and God intervened, healed me and told me that if everyone could learn what unconditional love means then the world would be a peaceful good place, he loves us unconditionally and if we don’t give each other the same then how do you expect God to bring you in when you are enjoying Satan? God gives us free will, if you choose Satan and forget God, he let’s you have your choice of god and he will expect you to know ghat that’s the god you will go spend eternity with. Listen to Iron Mikes podcast, he doesn’t hide that he’s a demon.

  14. 8:20 she hit the nail on the head with the tattoo oriented body dismorphia. I don't even have any yet, but I know I will. Sometimes I just want to scratch at my skin until they appear, like she said that they feel like they've always been there under the skin. Occasionally I'll draw on my skin and while it's not the same, it helps. It's very strange, but yeah, I can't wait to get my sleeves

  15. I have one face tattoo and it's my Sons name who passed away . The one thing I will never want to forget or ever cover up and it's the only one I will ever have

  16. My nans 73 year old friend is covered in tattoos, and she’s got a few very small face tattoos. I love her, she’s awesome, she’s got a few piercings too

  17. As a Tattoo Artist i think People should really think about it enough. Often ppl Come over and ask for it my First Question is what age is the Client and what Job do they do… i mean everyone has is own head of what to they will do. But its my responsibility too. Same Story with Fingers and neck Tattoos. Sometimes i think the Size and the Idee of Tattoo is a Point too. I like Face Tattoos but not everyone should do it headless. And i have Face Tattoos but i am a Tattoo Artist .. 😅