What’s One Thing You Should Never Say To A Tattoo Artist?

We asked the artists at Inked NYC “What’s one thing you should never say to a tattoo artist?” 😂😂 #shorts

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  1. Um, well not everyone’s rich and they can’t estimate tattoo pricing so I don’t see the issue of seeing what can be done for cheaper & a question regarding the time duration of the tattoo is just normal :/

  2. Tattoos take time and the artist needs time to put everything together I’ve spent about 4K on just one sleeve and to me the cheaper the tattoo the worse the design good artist never compromise on they’re talent.

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  4. “Can i get a bonus?”
    Honestly tattooing is a service and not a good. Respect the artist’s time and schedule and investment in getting to the level they’re at

  5. Kinda common since not to ask for cheaper prices or asking when it’s done, the artist come up with their prices based on the size of the tattoo, time it’ll take to tattoo and over the quality work.

  6. I can’t lie when I got in the chair I started sweating and I told the tattooist I was sweating in case they got a bad idea thinking of it now I really did mess up🤣

  7. Maybe you shouldn't stick a microphone in a tattoo artist face while they're working on somebody because that person is paying for their time… Just putting that out there.

  8. I would say that something you should never say is after they already put the ink In your body I probably say you messed up that line it's crooked

  9. My first tattoo was one of Sailor Jerry's last tattoos. I remember flinching and he asked "what's the matter?" I said 'Man that hurt's". He replied " Well if it stops hurting, let me know and we'll stop and start over." Late '72, Hotel Street, Honolulu, HI. Good times.

  10. “What can i get for cheaper” is not bad when it’s phrased politely. Some clients really have a budget in mind, so when they come in for consult that’s when they can ask about price. But yeah, asking after the tattoo is done is douchey

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