Walk In Tattoo Shops VS Appointment Only: Picking the right one

Everything you need to know about picking which is right for you!

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Hey everyone! Here’s another tattoo talk tuesday, this week all about the differences between Walk in tattoo shops and appointment only, plus some helpful tips for deciding which suits your tattoo best.

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  1. Tbh I prefer appointments because I like bigger, more complex, custom pieces, and I LOVE just the security of knowing I'll get it right then and there. Like during one of my appointments, someone else came to the shop for a walk-in at the same time as me, and they were told an artist wouldn't be available that day for another few hrs. If I had to wait that long, I would've been really disappointed, but because I had an appointment, I was seen right away and was done before they even got a consult lol

  2. I really want a small dandelion, I've been thinking about a vine but I think a dandelion would look nicer and have it on my shoulder so I can easily hide it from my parents and because the shoulders are a good beginner place

  3. I found an artist that does great dragon tattoos and am waiting for his books to open. Unfortunately now I'm second guessing the design I want. I love fantasy/dragon things though. Maybe it's just first tattoo jitters and knowing it is really going to happen.

  4. Just got my first walk-in tattoo done a month ago. First time not setting up an appointment. However, I did do half an hour of research on the artist before I came in. It was great. I woke up on my day off, had an idea, had the money to blow, and just went for it. Took myself out to dinner beforehand. Was such a fun day. I didn't even tell anyone. I recommend everyone get at least one spontaneous tattoo.

  5. Very interesting. I prefer walk ins. For if i have to wait several months or even a year for an appointment and cannot make it or the artist is sick, i would have to wait another year in the worst case.

  6. I have a pattern of different types of plants and I want them to be put together and tattooed on my leg but I'm not sure how to go about asking them and getting my idea and what I want across without being rude. Please helpppp.

  7. took me 5 years i think to commit to my first (and only so far) tattoo and i got it done at a walk in shop (: the guy who did my tattoo was so nice and answered all my questions which made my experience fantastic haha you could tell he really enjoyed what he does for a living. i got mickey mouse on my ankle haha

  8. So when I'm traveling and I want to remember the place I find a good walk-in shop on yelp and do it while i'm there. But all of my tattoos stateside are done by appointment by the same Tattoo Artist. It's always fun going back to her after I got a new piece so I van tell her the story behind it!

  9. The shop I go to does walk ins when they have an opening, but they do a lot of custom work as well. I got my first tattoo there, and all I did was call in and ask if they had an opening. I'm now about to start a custom piece on my leg at the same shop with a different artist.

  10. This is super late, but maybe someone can answer this for me, there is an artist that I want flash from, and he does walk ins once a week. this would be my first tattoo. would it make more sense to make an appointment with him, or go to a walk in day considering I know I just want some flash?

  11. The first tattoo I got was $80 but it wasn't a walk in. I had to pay $20 for a reservation. But I think for what I wanted I should have done a better going into a walk in.
    But it is a palm sized tattoo so I don't think $100 all together is bad.

  12. The place I got my tattoos has a minimum of Β£60 and they do walk-in piercings but tattoos are appointment only I think. both of mine cost Β£60, I have a quote and a semi-colon atm. I'm getting another tattoo this week that's slightly bigger so that's a little more expensive~ I like making appointments for tattoos, then I have time to hype myself up for it in the days before "^^

  13. Don't walk into a walk-in shop for a cover-up and sit in a chair of the person they pick for you. If you got a bad tattoo, chances are you don't want it covered by another, bigger bad tattoo. Do your research first

  14. Always do research on your artist even if you get a simple line. Not every tattooer can pull straight lines. If you think something is so simple that anyone can do it, you are wrong. You can find an artist that will do a $50 tattoo that will be awesome and you will love. Or someone that butchers it, you get an infection or something else goes wrong. Do your research before walking in a shop. People don't realize how amazing some tattooers are nowadays and how accessible it is to get tattooed by most of them

  15. Luckily I’m very near to Jamie sapp he’s fairly popular and has tatted with some of the best the sucky part is people do come from out of state so he has times he’s booked for 2 months or so

  16. I have four small tattoos, all from walk-in shops. I’ve recently found an artist I love and tomorrow I’m going in for a consultation for a really big piece! I’m excited!

  17. I prefer appointments. Let's me prepare myself and make sure my next two weeks won't include swimming or something that will ruin healing. I once forgot I had booked for a tattoo that was also out of town so that was stressful πŸ˜…