Vines hand tattoo (Manuel Gonzales @ Wizz Tatts, Puerto Rico)

Vines hand tattoo (Manuel Gonzales @ Wizz Tatts, Puerto Rico)

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  1. This is so delicate and elegant. I love the placement too. I hope it holds up really well or it can be refilled easily because it is a gorgeous, unique piece.

  2. You’d think that, of all people, tattoo enthousiasts would let people do whatever they want with their bodies. But nope. Ya’ll sound like my grandpa lmao.

  3. Loooooove this. I want a hand tattoo so freaking bad. But terrified due to finding a professional job after college.

    Ignore others. Do what you want.

  4. Did the tattoo police get here yet, to tell you that you donโ€™t have the right to get tattooed in the order you want and that your artist is a disgrace to the industry for doing it? They crack me up

  5. Beautiful! I really like it!

    I actually think this tattoo looks really good on a โ€œblankโ€ arm. It pops out โ€” just like how vines would grow and pop out of an otherwise blank wall.

  6. Immediately makes me think of Briar Moss from the Circle Of Magic series by Tamora Pierce. Genius, I might actually have to do it now! It looks so good on you!

  7. Ngl I’m generally a hater on hand tattoos, especially on men. (To each their own no real hate)

    You sir – have nailed it. That’s cool af.

  8. This is the best hand tat Iโ€™ve seen in a while. Great work! Would love to get something similar on a smaller scale, but super nervous because I see so many raunchy hand tats. However yours is spot-on ๐Ÿ‘

  9. I have a hand tattoo as well, with no other tattoos on my arms. It looks 10x better that way. Your looks really cool. I only did 1 hand, my other hand is empty. Will probably get it tattooed eventually. Probably will never touch my arms with a huge tattoo, maybe just a few small ones.

    Side question, whatโ€™s your field of work? Mine is construction, so tattoos are encouraged, 0 problems. Though I do slightly worry if I want to change one day.