Underrated Tattoo Styles You Must Know | Tattoo Artists React

Thanks to social media and our non-stop addiction to looking at our phones, these days it seems like everything is overrated. But, according to our esteemed panel of tattooers, there are still a few tattoo styles flying under the radar. Do you agree with them? Is there a style that we missed? Let us know in the comments.

Normally we film Tattoo Artists React at a tattoo convention. We spend two days running around, grabbing people from their booths and asking them a bunch of different questions. COVID obliterated all of our plans, but we pressed on! During lockdown the only way the Inked team talked to each other was via video chat, so we figured, why not do the same thing for our beloved Tattoo Artists React series. Naturally, there were some challenges. It’s a little awkward not being in the room with our friends. And everybody’s home technology set-up is wildly different, so the perfectionist in us was a bit peeved about video quality. That being said, connecting and speaking with some of our favorite tattooers was invigorating. It was especially nice to talk about all of the nutty experiences that take place in tattoo shops around the world at a time when they were all closed. This season looks a lot different from any of the prior seasons, but that’s OK. You’ll still be laughing until your insides hurt at Kelly’s stories, you’ll still coo at every pet that ends up on screen and you’ll still be able to argue with each other in the comment section. New episodes will be posted every Friday. This is Tattoo Artists React – Pandemic Edition.

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This season’s stars:
Sara Fabel
Danny Lepore
Kelly Doty
Travis Ross
Lemeir Mitchell
Miryam Lumpini
Gian Karle
Landon Morgan
David Corden
Cavan Infante
Bobby Cupparo
Zac Scheinbaum
Jimmy Snaz
Nikki Simpson
Kevin Laroy
Robbie Ripoll
Jerrel Larkins
Omar Fame
Luca Font
Killian Moon

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  1. Really old school women’s cultural tattoos, like the beautiful inuit face tattoos or Okanawan hand tattoos are underrated. I suppose all pre-colonial tattooing traditions are underrated. They are designed to last, tell stories, beautify, heal, and connect folks to their ancestors. They’ve got it all.

  2. Color realism is trash I don’t like it at all. I want my tattoos to look like a tattoo. Not a damn cannon camera picture taped to my body.

  3. Underrated – almost never seen in the west: Amazigh-North African tribal tattoos. We have different Tattoos for all our different tribes, from the people in the high Atlas mountains of Morocco, to the nomad people in the desert like me.
    They have similarities and a baseline, but our tribal touch is very much visible which makes it cool, it's like a bare code, we know where each other are from without even asking.
    Traditionally women get their face hands and feet tattooed before getting married, to us it is-was a sign of beauty.
    Unfortunately French colonialism did the damages that Arab colonialism could never do , and we almost don't have those bridal tattoos anymore.
    Only our grandma's or people who are in very closed communities-tribes still bare them, especially face tattoos.
    Something that is deemed more aesthetically pleasing by western standards but also not so common and absolutely underrated: Arabic calligraphy. I have the whole African continent in Arabic calligraphy. Shit is dope

  4. After accidentally coming across a neotraditional tattoo I loved it so much it was the final push I needed to decide to become a tattoo artist. It’s like the perfect combination of old school, long lasting methods and creative freedom. 💕💕

  5. There should be a new style called "meth, not even once" ..a shark wearing a wig playing the saxophone…in realism and it has to he huge. Live half sleeve size.