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Filmed and edited by
Neto Velasco & Wayne Fredrickson

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  1. So, years ago I was watching Ink Master because I just like seeing tattoos being done. It’s weirdly satisfying. I’m so glad I found your channel, because I don’t have to deal with the fake bs drama on that show. I said once, I’ll say it again, Wayne is the Bob Ross of tattoos. Such calming and peaceful energy.

  2. Hi Wayne! I really love your videos, I find them so relaxing. In part because of your videos I also decided to go with traditional on my first tattoo at the age of 32, which I just got 2 days ago. Went big on my forearm and no regrets so far. Thanks for introducing me to the ins and outs of tattoo culture and history. I've loved the process of collaborating on the design and hanging out in a solid shop with tattooers that are serious about the craft and doing the basics right. Impatiently waiting for it to heal is my only complaint! If you're ever back in the DC, MD, VA area I would love to get one from you some day.

  3. Just a question, is traditional flash easier to tattoo? Nothing knocking it the style is dope. I am an artist and already pretty covered both sleeves chest, hips and thighs done already. Nothing traditional though all really detailed black and grey one arm full color. I can draw/paint most all styles but the super detailed stuff I tend to modify or change on the fly or if I mess up. you can’t really do that with a tattoo I mean you can but there’s only so much until it turns into a muddy mess needing to cover up lol. Asking cause I was thinking about learning how to tattoo. Btw love your custom traditional flash more than most!

  4. Damn both the client and artist are machines. I’m getting my front done at the moment and I don’t do more than one tat on my front in a session. I be getting one on my front and then one on my arm

  5. and choose your artist well , i started tattoing myself 1 year ago, i would still not tattoo another person yet ask for ridicoulus summs of money, if i look at the portfolio of some of the artists, in my area, their tattoos are worse executed than mine, not even talking about the artistry, and they charge like 200 bucks for a simple tattoo the size of an apple(not a big one).

  6. Wayne is the real deal people! Everyone at his shop is super talented and the (tat) party never ends! Most of my upper body is done by him and it feels so good.

    Beautiful as always brother!

  7. Great to see you back Wayne! Damn that man's tough too, booking a torso tatt on the very next session from his chest! I think I'm still scarred from my chest tattoo and it was about 15 years ago now

  8. You were the inspiration for me to start tattooing, I thank you very much brother for sharing content !! If life gives me the opportunity to travel to the USA, I would like a tattoo of yours 💚

  9. Hope the borders open up in the next while and you guest spot again up in Vancouver or Victoria. A Wayne tattoo is on my bucket list homie. I'm on the mailing list, so I'll stay tuned

  10. Smooth like water …im a bng realism artist but bro something about that solid bold traditional american tattooing that reads across the room ..dope….pulling out the coils and sidewinder tommarow do something different