Top 10 Worst Celebrity Tattoos

Top 10 Worst Celebrity Tattoos

Celebrities love to show off their tattoos – for the most part – but many of these celebrities probably regret these tattoos. Whether the tattoo has no meaning to them anymore, was spelled improperly, is in a different language and doesn’t make sense, or was a foolish dedication to a previous relationship, we’ve got them all covered like Chris Andersen’s (Birdman) tattooed body. We’ll tell you the meaning, or the original meaning, and where it went wrong for Kellyn Osbourne, Kimberly Stewart (Rod Stewart’s daughter), Ryan Gosling – sorry – Ryan Cabrera, Hayden Panettiere with a misspelled Italian slogan, Chris Brown, Angelina Jolie and her ode to Billy Bob Thornton, and of course, Mike Tyson’s infamous face tattoo. You’ll get some great tattoo ideas. Or, at least, what not to get tattooed on your body for life.

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00:44 #10. Daddy’s Little Girl Loves…
01:38 #9. Keyboard
02:26 #8. Ryan Gosling’s Face
03:14 #7. Free Bird
04:05 #6. Billy Bob
05:03 #5. Vivere senza “rimipianti”
05:52 #4. Day of the Dead Skull
06:40 #3, #2. & #1. ?????

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  1. Even when I saw Mike's face tat today. Without reading other comments my first thought was, in a few more years his tat is going to look super normal and cool. All the kids will be calling it iconic and think about getting something like that.

    After I've seen spider webs and butterflies and 6ix9ines "69"… Yo Mike looks like a CEO in comparison.
    It's a simple design and fits his face shape.

  2. Um….No.
    Literally the ONLY tat I would put on this list is Mike Tyson's.
    I would then add the face tattoos of every single mumble rapper in the entire fucking World, to it.