Top 10 Best Celebrity Tattoos

Top 10 Killer Celebrity Tattoos

For this list, we’ve sifted through the finger mustaches and lower back butterflies that make the tabloids to determine the most magnificent, meaningful, or daring pieces of body art tatted on celebrities.

00:51 #10. Woman Wearing a Sombrero – Danny Trejo 
01:57 #9. 50’s Back – 50 Cent
02:45 #8. Tiger – Adam Levine
03:46 #7. Blackout Body – Tim Commerford
04:42 #6. Boombox – Travis Barker
05:39 #5. Goddess Isis – Rihanna 
06:32 #4. Jack Swallow – Johnny Depp
07:42 #3, #2 and #1 ???

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  1. W13 has a few nice ones, Billy Talents Ben K also has some nice colour but The Simpsons Sideshow Bob has an impressive array you just can't ignore.
    I'm happy with mine, I just wish I could afford more!

    Can someone tell me why people get "Stars?" So many people choose these, why?

  2. This should have been named most recognizable celebrity tattoos because most of these are complete ass and seriously technically flawed. Especially your number one. David's sleeve is what professionals will tell you to avoid when getting a sleeve. The Rock or Conors should have been here.