TIPPING Your Tattoo Artist | 2020

To Tip or Not to Tip Your Tattoo Artist – That is the Question.
Imagine this, you are at the shop finishing a tattoo what? Well…the next thing probably involves tipping your artist. Tipping you say? What is this tipping? Does that to do with cows? .. WRONG!!
Tipping is one of the most subjective question asked in the tattoo industry. Now you’ve come to the right place. Come venture off with me in this video and learn why tipping is so important .

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  1. I'm getting a full sleeve paying $2,600 per session and it's 4 sessions.. would $50 tip per session be acceptable? I want to show my artist that I appreciate his work but at the same time I'm already dropping a lot of money because his rate is so expensive.

  2. i have found that if i tip well the artist starts lowering his price for me so it falls more in line with what he is wanting me to pay without tip.

  3. I’m gonna be honest
    I just dropped 1800 dollars for two back to back sessions, one short day and one long day. I felt no need to tip. It’s already a large amount of a money and ALL the money goes to the artist. I feel like you can’t compare it to other service industries where wages are low. Good artists should already charge a lot because they are good. Not to say never tip, cause I do believe if it’s a short banger and you’re paying the minimum you should definitely tip. But bigger sessions, I don’t feel the need to tip. Does that make me a bad person? Lol

  4. I'm a plumber and the same rule applies to my profession. We get paid to do a job. I have some people tip for my work. That is always great, but not necessary. I would rather someone be happy with what I have done for them then give me money in the end

  5. I got a small tattoo on my arm, the guy was amazing and really gracious with it being my first time also. It cost me 200 and I tipped him 50 because; a) He deserved it b) He was a really great guy with a young family.
    Also as a kicker I brought his wife a hot chocolate and Tim Hortons gift card which he said was better than money any day.

    It being my first tattoo also I hope made a good impression on them 😀

  6. It’s a tough for me because I am usually a 20% tipper whenever I go out but you also have to realize most people in the service industry are making below minimum wage. When it comes to tattooing I try to tip if I can but when your paying $150 or so an hour I find it hard to tip too heavily. I think the basis of tipping in the US has a lot to do with showing gratitude but also compensating people for wages their employers don’t pay them.

  7. aint nun wrong with tipping but aint no way people look at you as an asshole for not forking up an extra 300 after spending 1500 on a tat

  8. Like other have stated, tipping to me really depends on the price. My last tattoo was $1,000 for a half sleeve and where I live it took a few sessions; two 4 hour sessions, an 8 hour sessions, then another 6 hour session. I paid everyday I went (200, 200, 400, and 200) and tipped 10% each time. The last day I also brought in 6 boxes of nitrile gloves because I work in Healthcare and I come across them a lot with hospice and whatnot.

    Fun fact: nitrile gloves used only cost around $5 bucks a box and now run around $25 a box… crazy times. Ultimately, communication is the best thing. I can't speak for all artists, but mine are wonderful caring people who appreciate anything. Low tipping is going to be appreciated if it's expected over not saying anything and looking like a jerk. Just let the artist know and 99% of the time they'll say don't worry about it. They're doing what they love to do and if you're happy, they're happy.

  9. I still struggle with this. I usually tip my artist anywhere from $80-$100 and even bought a ink package that was about $125 for my artist. Love the guys attitude, weird stories and humor, and best of all his art and cleanliness. My sessions usually run about $300-$800. I've had about 6 or 7 sessions so far and always gave $80-$100. Is that enough? For some reason I feel like it isn't and I don't know why.

  10. Helloo. I wanted to ask if its normal for a tattoo to look a litle faded after peeling? Cuz mine just started peeling and i see that the black color is like gray?

  11. I always tip my artist very well he does great work he spends his time on the design. My first tattoo was 2 hours so I tipped him $50

  12. I’m starting my full sleeve in September… I’m planning on $10 per hour … my artist is going to be doing a 8 hour piece on me at Philadelphia tattoo convention … he already told my the cost of my ticket to show will come off my tattoo price (I won’t negotiate price with him he told me price and I agreed) …so I will end up giving him $10/hour plus the $25 ticket fee… 🤷‍♂️ that’s about a 13% tip … he will end up with my whole arm over the next year or so so there is more tip and money to come

  13. I got a small one and costs $150 as per artist’s hourly charge. He really did an amazing job and I tipped $40 and lots of compliments for his work!