“Three Woke Monkeys” by Mathilde Hanmeister in Berlin

“Three Woke Monkeys” by Mathilde Hanmeister in Berlin

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  1. I dunno, it looks more like a quick street art sketch, than a tattoo. All proportions and colors seem slightly off, like it was made by someone with no talent or in a hurry. Sorry, hopefully it looks better in real life than on camera.

  2. This man has ONLY been respectful. Even with all this hate. I’d be crying in a corner looking at these comments 😭 You’re a trouper

  3. **PSA:**
    Please ignore the title! I didn’t mean to offend anyone with the use of the term “Woke”. I saw it as a good term to indicate the modernization of the classical concept, but I failed to realize the word has social and political connotations that can’t just be thrown out the window.

  4. Props to you for being nothing but kind in the comment replies. Remember you can tattoo whatever the fuck you want on your body (well maybe not a few things lol) , I hope you love it!!

  5. So I’m not going to comment on design or execution as that has been covered by other people. Instead I want to ask — what’s the point of the tattoo?

    First off, did you even intend for it to have a meaning? Or is it just a design riffing on “hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil” but with modern accessories that you thought looked cool?

    Second and if it does have a meaning, what is it trying to say? Is this social commentary about how “woke people” follow along with evil trends that blind, deafen, and silence them? Is it a critique of masks and modern culture? Or in the alternative, is it applauding the monkeys for transcending the basic use of their hands to block out and overcome evil with improved technology and sophistication?

    All in all, if you like how it looks then it doesn’t matter. It’s your body and tattoos don’t HAVE to have meaning. I’ve got a few myself that I got simply because I thought they looked cool, so no judgment there! But this one seems so heavily metaphorical while also being completely confusing, so I had to ask.

  6. I’ve seen way worse executed tattoos on this sub, I have no idea why this is being trashed so much. Yeah it’s not to my taste and I wouldn’t have it done, but it’s by far not the bodge job people are saying it is.

    To be fair, if you’d have taken a better photo and not used the word ‘woke’ in the title it might have gone differently. Glad you like it though, which is all that matters.

  7. Hey dude I know this is a couple hours old and honestly I didn’t realize the “hear see speak” aspect and the “woke” comment made me think you were trying to like make a statement about masks or something. So my initial reaction was a cringe but now that I realize it I actually think it’s cool asf … too colorful to my liking but once I read your comments I understand and think it’s a cool idea. I don’t even have anything against masks or being woke but I just thought making a mask/woke statement with a tattoo was weird but now I fucking get it I do like it. Rock on brother

  8. It’s definitely not something I’d personally get but I also don’t understand the hate?? This is overall a dope tattoo. If that’s headphones on the top monkey it could be a ‘hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil’ type of a thing too, can’t quite tell for sure if it’s headphones because of the glare. If that’s what you had in mind ignore me lol. Dope though

  9. These comments are why I don’t post my tattoos here. This tattoo is not nearly as bad as this section is making it out to be, cool idea OP

  10. I really like the idea! I think the picture doesn’t give it justice, it’s probably the angle that makes the dimensions look a bit off. The bottom monkey looks a bit weird, more like human than a monkey

  11. I actually think the execution is great. Just kinda weird to have a tattoo to own a political group you don’t like, which is what I assume is happening. Also the content is confusing

    How is the first monkey “hear no evil?”

    What’s “woke” about the second monkey’s sunglasses.

    Third monkey: I no longer understand how the word “woke” is being used

  12. Why do so many people in this sub decide to instantly shit on everyones tattoos? If you don’t like them, move on. You don’t have to collectively downvote the poor OP and shit on their interest. Jesus Christ this sub is toxic at times.

    I’m glad you like your tattoo my guy. I like the style 🙂

  13. Jeez, so much negativity going on around here!

    Personally I like it! It’s not something I’d wear myself, but it’s a clever idea nonetheless.

  14. Can’t believe the amount of disparaging comments here when I’ve seen a lot of legitimately bad tattoos receive praise. I really dig the colors and think once it heals and the lines soften up it’ll turn out pretty nicely!