This is Why You Don't Like Your Hairstyle | Mens Hair Tips 2021

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– If you don’t like your hair this might provide some perspective!
– 3 Haircuts, 4 Hairstyles:

My long hair slick-back tutorial:
Dre Drexler slick-back tutorial:

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  1. you asked for 10-12mm alternating fringe and got 26mm +
    you've got to stop making excuses for them, a good barber would say that won't suit you, is there anything else you had in mind?
    give me a week learning and i'd cut hair mens and womens better than 95% of the industry, the standards are really that low and its a ridiculously easy trade and probably boring and repetitive which is why they couldn't care a feck and probably joke about it seeing who can do the worst cut and still get paid… total arze likrz

  2. The biggest difference between the end result and the picture is the guy in the picture has much shorter hair in the front. He also had a line up. His doesn’t have bangs combed up either 🤷🏼‍♂️. Not to say yours would have looked as good even if it was lined up and the same length. It’s fair to also consider this guy is a model who has the perfect picture snapped at the perfect moment in time and 15 mins later it probably didn’t look this good. But overall your haircut looks great!

  3. You sound a little jealous… I’m here to tell you, it’s okay. It’s just hair and in 100 years, it won’t matter anymore than it does today. Hahaha! I’m kidding, thanks for the video. I’m not sure how I landed here, but I pray that God blesses you and your family richly. And may you see His eternal Kingdom.

  4. this is a great video. i too have a problem replicating celebrities' hairstyles and i realized it later in life that it all comes down to your face shape, hair texture, and maybe also race. that is why I also get disappointed after visiting my barber before because i cannot replicate exactly the picture that I shown to him. now that I have realized it, I am now contented and happy even if my hairstyle doesn't necessarily mirror the picture that I show to my barber.

  5. alot of these are just saying fix it rather then change it or find what your looking for and honestly dont like the lack of a strait forward answer i myself am not a normie that wants things to be easy and dont mind having experimenting but i feel like it is essentially telling me to teach myself about hair style and such with all this head shape and hair types i dont really know much about this subject but thats how i feel

  6. I like this video. Explains that we basically judge our selfs waaay more than others… and yeah that dude has a tiny forehead, his eyebrows are basically his hairline lol

  7. I got a haircut and I showed the lady cutting it the pics of you after you cut it very short in the video before, and they almost nailed it. I was very surprised because I can't remember I time I get a haircut that I actually liked. It's the shortest I have ever gone also

  8. Your hair is actually totally incorrect. Your reference picture has no fringe, where as if you pushed your hair down you would have a good sized fringe. Totally wrong, nothing to do with your face shape or hair type, your barber just didn't give you a cut remotely like the picture. Strange you cant see that. Bad video and bad information

  9. Your advice is very sound. However, if you're expecting a fade like the picture, a "stylist" isn't gonna get you there. Imo, a diverse barber could've gotten you a lot closer to the picture. A salon will never compete with a barber turning out 10+ fades a day.

  10. I can tell the reference photo and your haircut was indeed different, being a barber definitely pay attention to detail to satisfy my clients.. it was a fresh cut though!!

  11. Thank you for explaining this, I've been wondering why I can't get the hair I want even though I showed the stylist a photo of how I want my hair to look