The Truth About Las Vegas’ Tattoo Scene | Needles & Pins with Grace Neutral Episode 1

Grace reluctantly heads to the Las Vegas tattoo scene to see if she can find an authentic tattoo experience in a place where you can buy a tattoo and a taco in the same shop.A global platform for emerging talent, i-D celebrates fashion, culture, individuality and youth.

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  1. Man, that school reminds me of the explosion of culinary schools. Taking your money and good luck when you leave (graduate). Traditional Apprenticeship is best.

  2. What a great video. I'm going to Vegas for the 1st time for my 30th birthday and want A tattoo in remembrance of it
    I would love to get one done by an artist at a shop on the outskirts.
    Or with an approach like Doug's at pussy cats

  3. I agree that the school is overpriced but a lot of apprenticeships are Bs or give you the run around so I get why people look to find other solutions.

  4. club tattoo looks like something you'd find in a mall, oh "service providers" in other words "we don't call them artists because then we'll have to give them all of their money" yeah fuck those cats. The only thing this has done is further cement the idea that everyone in las vegas is out to exploit you. Most of these fucks are shady asf! ESPECIALLY the guy in the generic ass megalomart shop. "why don't we ask them, I've been hammering my bullshit into their heads for months"… "that's not our company" everyone watching that's exactly your company..

  5. but let's be frank here people the conversation no one is ready to have….GRACE herself has made big bucks from being an alternative person so…..why is that acceptable but commercializing the looking alternative is not?

  6. just as much of this in L.A. as LV. ridiculous how expensive tats are these days now that everybody and their uncle fred are getting them.

    and yeah no matter what route it takes capitalism is capitalism. anything remotely cool will get commercialized and comodified eventually. nice to see that society in general is so much more open to different looks and images now but somebody will always figure out how to get rich from it.

  7. I was interviewed for this piece. I’ve been tattooing for 20+ years and was completely cut out of the video. Vice came in with the plan to crap all over Las Vegas and that’s what they did. If you hate Las Vegas that’s fine, yes it’s expensive on the strip, no not every tattoo artist on the strip is terrible, not by a long shot. To be approached like they had genuine interest in Las Vegas tattooing then to have 90% of our footage discarded as it didn’t fit their narrative isn’t great journalism.