The Sickest Tattoo Shop Ever | San Diego x Tijuana – West Coast Tattour Ep. 2

The lower left is by far the dopest, most inspiring spot i have gotten to be at. the walls are filled with so much original art from legends in the game! i couldn’t help but to be inspired by this dream tattoo factory from tattoo supplies to clothing this is a one stop shop with everything you need. i also ended up collecting a piece from my homie @edmar619 and ended up in Tijuana for a soccer game after! shoutout to everyone in San Diego that showed love! #thelowerleft #sandiego #tijuana

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  1. Saludos bro éxito en tus tours y saludos a la familia, aquí siguiéndote como siempre te avise tas muy buenos vídeos, sigo en espera de el pequeño tutorial en español para la banda mexicana

  2. That's what's up homie dope spot I'm from SD and never new about that shop ese in till now keep on chucking forward homie much love from el Rudy boy