The Most Sought After Tattooer, Dr. Woo | Tattoo Age Episode 5

Dr. Woo has his turned his single needle uber detailed fine line tattoos into the must have fashion statement for millions of online fans, but only worn by select few.

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  1. When he was with his child at the end he said “he wants to make a movie about you” I found it so endearing he didn’t say “me” or “us” he gave his baby the spotlight

  2. While this "Dr. Woo" is an artsy fartsy tattoo artist I question his ignorance of keeping a tattoo session safe,clean and sterile. At 10:45 he wipes his own nose while wearing gloves while he's tattooing!!!! You can't do that!!! It's gross. I guarantee in the 20+ years I've been tattooing,NEVER have I wiped my own nose while doing a tattoo …ZERO

  3. Never got a tattoo, never planned on it. If i did though, it would REQUIRE this much expertise. I don't see how people just Yelp a tattoo shop and get some random to permanently ink them..

  4. I personally think the most sought after tattoo artist is Nikko Hurtado, he’s very diverse and his clientele is from around the world. Maybe vice should make a video about him. Also calling yourself Dr. without being one is disrespectful to the profession

  5. Buddy wiped his nose with a nasty glove on. Couldn’t be trust. And didn’t even wrap the clip cord or machine. Yikes :/ health department would love that…

  6. Remember that you don’t attract what you want, you attract who you are. So focus on love. Focus on happiness. Focus on feeling fulfilled and like you already have everything you’ve ever wanted. Focus on gratitude. You are a powerful source of energy. When you do this, you will get what you want because you are in alignment and focusing on all you have instead of a lack. Just know you have everything you have ever wanted. It’s already yours . Be joyful! Sending loving energy to you all. ❤️

  7. His work is great but I wonder if it holds up after a few years. If it washes out then it's a real problem finding someone to add ink back in like he does it.