The Life of a Celebrity Tattoo Artist

Keith ‘Bang Bang’ McCurdy joins Lunch Break with Tanya Rivero to discuss his career tattooing artists like Rihanna, Cara Delevigne and Justin Bieber. Photo: Bang Bang

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  1. Years after this interview….. his work is blurred botches n gets made fun of constantly. Does it for the fame n money not the true art. Sorry but bad tatts dont lie

  2. So finally there's a face to all the bad crapy tattoos these celebrities get and his name is bang bang…. tight keep messing them up. And just so you people who don't know even though you won't understand it what this guy does isn't real tattooing. Money doesn't make you happy it just helps but people like this bring down our culture attention and worldwide.

  3. I've been heavily nerding out on tattoos for 8 years now, traveled around Europe and got tattooed by many well respected artists with decades under their belts, more than half my body covered, I follow about 400 tattooers on instagram and keep tabs on probably twice as many… yet I have never heard about this guy before. I wonder why…

  4. is it me or does it feel like getting an education is a waste of time and life, cause when you read that most of the successful people are dropouts, I ask myself what the fuck have I been doing my whole life.