THE EASIEST way to become GREAT tattoo artist

In this video I will show you THE EASIEST way to become a GREAT tattoo artist.

💫Maybe you will not find exacly what you where expecting when reading the title. But I intend to honestly share with you the one and only thing that you need in order to have a succesful career in tattooing. I really enjoy making this video for you. I understand it is a bit different then the stuff you are used to see from me, but I really think every artist who is just begining to work needs to know the stuf I am talking about in this video. I really wish there was somebody to explain it to me when I was a beginner, but unfortunately I had to learn all the lessons the hard way. I hope that the things I speak about will help you become more succesful in your future career. Thats also why I mostly share my thought Process instead of just giving you some technical advices. Enjoy the video and hit the LIKE button if you think it deserves it.

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  1. I had a question! How can i tattoo a short 3 dass old beard in an realistic tattoo? Ist it a texture Technik ? Pls Help me ,thx .
    Greetings from Austria Vienna 🇦🇹🤙😉

  2. I truly like your mindset! This is the only way to get better at something, through discipline and persistence. Thanks for the input

  3. Even if i do not know how to draw the word practice i have hope to becoming an tattoo artist please help me how to tattoo even if i do not know how to draw 🙏🙏🥺🥺

  4. even having the knowledge to invent a life hack it still requires a lot of experience and thinking. It is what designers do. But in tattooing it is very different. Tattooing requires a lot of patient, thinking, practice and dedication.

  5. Finally starting my journey becoming a tattoo artist, and I feel really lucky to have found such an honest mentor right at the beginning. Thank you so much for putting up videos like this and encouraging the tattoo community to grow bigger and better as a whole.

  6. Deamn you're the only one I've seen so far who says it how it is , not filters on you . you're a good man 🎩thank you for your dedication and time ,your helping me build my self . I Appreciate the work you've had to put