The best tattoo artist in prison serving a life sentence !!

Educational documentary showing how inmates cope behind bars while serving life sentences.

This man is the best at tattoo artist is locked up in prison for the rest f his life

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  1. Tattooing is illegal in prison but yet again the prison is allowing the tv crew to document a show about prison tattoos ???? Lol wtf 🤣

  2. If people think he in the best tattoo artist they might not know how to use google just sayin’
    Look up Rich Pineda, Brian Ulibarri, Lorenzo Baca, Chase Tafoya, Steve Butcher, Arlo & Ryan Dichristina, Carlos Torres

  3. I don't get it if he was 18 and she was 15 that's legal …2teens … I guess states are different …Texas he would of been ok ..

  4. Came looking for a doc on prison tattoos/prison tattoo artist but thanks to the comments talking about how it barely mentions either of those I’ll just look elsewhere

  5. the day I got out I was scared shitless after serving 11 years and I have been on parole for the last 34 years I don't know if I will ever get off parole but maybe someday I boys and girls remember do the right thing because prison is no life it is a constant fight  for survival you cant just go down to 7-11 and get your self a slurpee so do your self a favor and keep out you will not be cool but a stupid idiot.