The BEST Tattoo Aftercare Products YOU NEED To TRY!

No matter if you just got a new tattoo, or you have pre existing tattoos tattoo aftercare is super important to not only make your tattoos look beautiful but to also keep them beautiful for days, months and years to come. But with so many different types of tattoo products out there what are the best tattoo products for YOUR tattoos?

Well i tested out quite a few in my day so i put together a list of the BEST tattoo aftercare products that you NEED to try out! Each one of these products will make your tattoos heal up beautifully and make your tattoos pop and bring new life into your ink!

Each one of these products are listed down below! give them a shot and let me know what you think in the comments!

Hustle Butter Deluxe –

Tattoo Goo Aftercare Kit –

Mad Rabbit Tattoo Balm –

H2Ocean Blue Green Foam –

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  1. Cancel tattoos. How stupid can you get? The human body is beautiful as it is. Why screw it up with harmful ink? You people are degenerates.

  2. As a tattoo artist, I use hustle butter with my clients. To keep my current tattoos looking new and protect from sun, I use mad rabbit.

  3. Bro, I love watching your videos. Give a lot of great, helpful information. I just got my viking revolution tattoo balm. All of my tats are healed. I was wondering, how many times can I apply it to my tats in a day?

  4. I'm trying the Tattoo Lovers Care salve, soap and cream set – I've been impressed with the salve and soap so far, my healing has been VERY comfortable for these first few days. The product is maybe a little bit 'greasy' but not terrible, it smells really good like oranges and vanilla. I'll see how me tattoo heals up with it!

  5. I just use aquaphor while washing the tattoo in germx antibacterial soap then after a few days switch to the tattoo goo lotion. May have to try hustle butter though, sounds intriguing

  6. Ive been using h2ocean aquatat, as a healing ointment but im not sure if i need to be using a normal moisturiser now, its been 7 days since i got the tattoo and my skin started flaking on day 5 but only a little amount

  7. Can you use hustle butter deluxe as a moisturizer as well? I always get confused with the whole ointment lotion switching idea. I’m using hustle butter deluxe for the first time, thanks!

  8. Jergens ultra healing. Fantastic job at helping the tattoo heal and hold color. I have had my tattoo for over a year now and people comment all the time on how fresh and new it looks

  9. I bought a can of the Viking Revolution…..I’m a little apprehensive about using it I heard some people say it have them a bad rash, have you heard of this?

  10. I use vitalilitree cleansing foam to wash and their salve for moisturizer. I just got my largest piece yet and boy does it hurt on it own, but washing with these is so soothing make me look forward to keeping it clean and when I get to wash it

  11. I ordered the Viking tattoo balm Sunday and will get it Tuesday!! Ordered it before watching this video actually. Great thing is that I had gotten a new tattoo before ordering the product.

  12. I use Dr Bronners the baby safe stuff. The hemp and the fact that’s it’s made from older versions of making soap makes it clean and easy and very skin friendly.