The Best Short Haircut… | Pixie Haircut Tutorial

In this video I share with you how to cut a round pixie haircut which in my opinion is the perfect short haircut combining texture and precision lines.

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  1. I absolutely love this cut!!! It’s exactly what I’ve been trying to find for the past 3 years! Now all I have to do is find some one that can do t 🙄🙄 Thank you so much!!!!

  2. I'd like to see it with longer pieces in front of the ears and a very textured top. Something you can towel dry and shape with pomade if you're in a rush or want a messy look or can curl, slick, or sculpt for work or an event. I used to have a cut like it but all of my pictures were destroyed in 3 different disasters.

  3. @Hairstyles-Hairstylist,
    Many of us would like to see a database of those stylists (locations added) who are willing and able to cut hair like this – it would be worth more $$, certainly better TIPS 💵
    That kind of skill (and dedication – it's a labor-intensive cut) seems too rare ☹️

  4. You use so much technical, professional terminology, it made it very confusing and very hard to understand, stay focused or remember what you did. Sorry about that, but I am an absolute beginner with no terminology on board. Sad.