The Best Hair Cut For Your Body Type

In this video i’ll explain some of the basic theory on how to find out what is the best, most flattering or right haircut for your body type. This doesn’t mean that you cant wear whatever you think is right for you – by all means! embrace and be yourself! I’m just explaining some basic theory I learned along the way. Every body type is beautiful and all this video is meant to do is embrace each and everyones beauty, regardless of their physique.

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  1. I'm a plus-sized women with medium thick long hair and i've had the urge to cut it shorter and this video really helped me❤️ i've been so scared of it since i used it like as a hiding method but the shorter really compliments me, ty so much!

  2. You’re the best 🙂 also spot imo. i have a small petite frame and I’ve always instinctively gone for mid length cuts, definitely the most flattering on me

  3. Thank you so much!! I was hestitating to cut my hair short again! I'm the voluminous body type and I grew it out because I felt like I could "cover up" little back fat rolls and that kind of stuff😂 I have super long hair now after 3 years of growing it, but I get a lot of frizz, it takes forever to dry because it's so long and thick now. I also have more tangles now that it's longer, one gust of wind and my hair is tangled and everywhere in my face. So now I'm going to cut it short because this video helped me make the choice.

  4. Ppl don't know how to take advice and get all offended. I appreciate this video. You didn't have to help ppl but you did. You're absolutely right about all of this. ❤

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  6. You mentioned and compared that voluptuous people are thinking they need to lose weight multiple times in the first profile… voluptuous people aren’t always trying to lose weight, look skinny, or look slimmer… you sound scared of voluptuous people…? Are you insinuating that voluptuous is overweight fat? Over apologizing doesn’t take away what you imply…

  7. This has answered all my questions ❤️❤️ thank you so much. I always thought shorter hairstyles were for skinny minis (I mean that in a nice way) and I couldn't have it but now I can YAY! I'm getting a cut n colour next week so a bob style it is ✂️❤️

  8. I'm short with a small head (the 4th one) and giving myself a chin length bob was the best hair decision I've ever made. I was worried I wouldn't feel womanly but it's the sexiest I've ever felt. it's so versatile too and I've been trying different colors for the first time because it's easy to cut the damage off and still have the amount of hair left that I want.

  9. everyone is giving the same boring old outdated advice guys ! she's offering something new . Not everyone on YouTube is looking for 'haircuts for round vs long faces' . she went into body types and shapes etc: which is SPECIFICALLY what I searched for . the internet DOES need to be be policed and held responsible for its users but its is NOT necessary for people like her who understand there are people on her with intense crippling insecurity , that they will not understand her advice. She explained with a calm tone that you can take it or leave it . go deal with your insecurities ,often times that means get off of videos about images and body type if you aren't ready ! idk . but this was very well said .

  10. According to this, I should want my hair voluminous, so I look smaller. However, I dont see why I would want to look smaller? I like being chubby. I feel like there's some sort of rule that bigger girls are supposed to not like how their body is and try to look/be smaller?

  11. "I think"
    "Kind of"

    If you're going to do this for real ditch the filler words and learn how to present professionally. Using these phrases too often distracts from the content of your video, which is actually pretty good.

  12. Hi ,
    I'm tall (186cm) and honestly everything that you've said is true 🙂
    For a long time i didn't realize why i like doing bangs once in a while but it is because i look Younger and also shorter;-)
    Best regards,

  13. For the hair it goes how your face looks and your skin color and body. Like Amber Rose she looks way way better with short hair than long. Same for Halle Berry. There some like Kristen Stewart that with short or long hair they look magnificent.