The Best Dark Skin Tattoo Artists

Finding the right dark skin artist is always a challenge so let me tell you some tips that’ll save you a lot of headaches.

Never take a tattoo artist out of their comfort zone. Learning to tattoo takes repetition so:
1. Never deal with an artist that doesn’t have dark skin examples in their portfolio. There is a specific method that they need to do and you do not want to be their practice.
2. Always select an artist based on their style. If you want a photorealistic design, don’t go to someone who specializes in graffiti designs. If possible, look for someone who’s done very similar tattoo (drawing a great lion doesn’t mean they’re good at drawing people). They can be great at what they do and still be terrible for your vision.
3. Try to find an artist who is surrounded by other great artists. This isn’t a black and white rule but generally speaking an artist thats surrounded by other good artist will continue to grow their skills while a travelling artist or a solo studio artist may not (it might also point to personality issues and who needs that drama).

The third tip is my reason for the format of this video. Where is the best place to find dark skin specialists? Watch and find out!

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