The ABSOLUTE WORST Celebrity Tattoos!

Can being Rich and Famous Get you really good or even the BEST TATTOOS? no… no it cant. in this video is the Proof 😂.

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  1. The thing I don’t understand about Pete Davidson saying he’s going to burn all of his tats for tv…

    That doesn’t make a lot of sense….

    1. Studios can use cgi to give the appearance of clean skin.

    2. There’s makeup available that cover up tattoos…

    I think he’s getting lazar because he’s a trashcan and his work is Some of the worst work I’ve ever seen…

  2. That baffles my mind why not go to a wicked ass artist n pay that good money to get good quality tattoos!! Like jeez I'd kill to get my tattoos done with that money n make sure there great in quality!

  3. Mgk has a pretty nice backpiece.

    Pete Davidson got a lot of his tattoos during manic episodes or to cover self harm scars. So yeah I think they were more about the therapeutic effect and less about the quality of the art. Sucks that he’s gonna be getting removal for years because of it :/

  4. Bro thank you SO much for helping me with my tattoo aftercare and stuff man. My tattoo’s now healed perfect and oh my gosh you’re a life saver. Thank you so much 🙏💙

  5. Maybe focus on the fact that people love their own tattoos for their own reasons. And making it seem like they should be better because they are now famous? Get off your high horse. If you actually love ink this makes no sense.

  6. Just want to say love your videos. Got my first tattoo last week been watching all your videos. Keep them coming. Your DragonBall z sleeve is amazing .

  7. Dude that's not your boy Steve-O. I'm your boy Steve-O. Get it right 🤣🤣🤣 I didn't know who Apple boy was either man so no worries haha

  8. Steve-o’s self portrait backpiece is done extremely well. I think it’s silly to have your own face tattooed on your back but at least he went to a legit artist to get it done.

  9. I think Ed Sheeran’s tattoos are terrible. I know he has deep meaning behind them and stufff…. but lots of his ink looks like it was drawn with crayons. I don’t dig it at all.

    MGK actually has a really amazing back piece. It’s his only good tattoo.

  10. Going on the whole bad tattoo vibes in this video. You have any videos on what to look for when choosing a good artist for designing a tattoo or starting a sleeve/theme tattoo so you don't end up with a bad tattoo? 👊🍻