Tattoos That Made These Artists Cry | Tattoo Artists Answer

Tattoo artists share stories about some of the most intense and meaningful tattoo experiences they’ve had whether it was being tattooed by Robert Downey Jr, or helping cancer survivors.

What’s been your most meaningful tattoo experience? Let us know in the comments!

Artists in this video:
Mira Mariah – @girlknewyork
Laura Martinez – @nothingwildtattoo
Doreen Garner – @flesh_and_fluid
Fan – @fantattoo531
Keith “Dez” Hernandez –
Trudy Lines – @trudy_lines_tattoo
Janda Farley – @jandadrawsstuff
Matt Truiano – @matttruiano
Gabe Pantoja – @gabetattoos
Joey Perez – @tattoosbyjoeyp
Niiru – @niirutattoo
Grant Lubbock – @grant_tattoos
Jess Machete – @jessmachete
Josh Lord – @joshualord
Jon Mesa – @jonmesatattoos
Brian Sold – @briansold
Burak Moreno – @burakmoreno
Suranghee Ro – @suroshinn
Monikka Velvet – @monikkavelvet
Michelle Santana – @mnsantanatattoo
Rods Jimenez – @rodsjimenez
Daniel Marmo – @tattoosbydmo
Baris Yesilbas – @barisyesilbas
Cheo Park – @cheopark
Caesar Bacchus – @caesarbaccvs_tattoos

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  1. As soon as I’m old enough, I’m going to get small mental health and perseverance symbols scattered all over my body. Semicolon and ampersand on my left and right wrists respectively, sunflower (symbol for hidden disabilities, I have autism and tics to name a couple,) ED recovery symbol, etc.

  2. I was a lifeguard for awhile and I met a woman that completely changed my mindset and view of tattoos forever.

    She came in and was a larger woman so I figured another person coming in to pretend to exercise to justify their McDonalds. (I was 19 I’ve grown)

    As she was swimming around she came close to where I was sitting and I noticed she had a little tattoo so I asked her about it here’s what she told me.

    She went to the hospital as a result of a heart issue when she went into surgery they told her it would be a minor surgery but it wasn’t. She ended up having a complication that was a one in a million and so when she woke up they told her, they also told her surviving the complication was a one in a million that it’s incredible she survived.

    This woman had a one in a BILLION chance of surviving this but she did. So she got a small tattoo of a heart beat with some music notes to remind her of how unexpected life can be and to be grateful for everyday. The music notes she said, I really like music so it makes me happy.

    Her story completely changed my world view and showed me that you could never know anyone’s story but also that a tattoo can be a way of sharing that story with others.

    I hope soon to get a tattoo on my forearm, purposely visible. I lost a close childhood friend to suicide and I want to tell his story and carry him with me. Just by asking about a tattoo I have a way of doing that.

    This video is important.

  3. My most meaningful is a 2 parter now. Originally it was lyrics from a song that kept me alive when I was a teenager. it reminded me that I wasn’t alone & that I’d always have people by my side. And it’s even more special now because it’s been incorporated in a half sleeve of flowers to represent all the women in my family (two flowers are in remembrance for my granny & my aunt) & a little add-on in the back of my arm for my late grandpa as well. I started it not long after my granny passed & it’s been a huge help in dealing with the loss. Once it’s finished it will be my favorite tattoo I have

  4. My mom was a strict Catholic and so my first tattoo was of her. Her name is Rosa and so that made the design easy for me. I wrote her mama in cursive with a rose on the end. She thinks Im eccentric, but I don't regret it.

  5. My math teacher was adopted from China and I live near Seattle, hmmm I wonder if that story is about her, I’m not sure if she has tattoos though

  6. me seeing Trudy in the thumbnail I hope she doesn't get interrupted this time!
    Fr though, I felt the whole thing of subconsciously starting to link your sentences around someone who constantly interrupts you. It's so annoying when you can tell someone is only listening to you to talk/respond, and not genuinely wanting to hear what you have to say.

  7. Next week I'll be getting my first tattoo of a turtle on my calf/ankle. I'm a bit nervous about it but I feel a need to get it. When I was 7 years old my dad kidnapped my brother and I for 15 months and when my mom got us back a friend of hers gave me a turtle necklace for protection (in my culture turtles are the sign of protection and guidance.) I like getting turtle necklaces and other decorations and accessories but every single time a big milestone has been reached for me a turtle breaks. The first time it happened it was the shells on the necklace my mom's friend gave me. I fixed it and put new beads. Then, the chain broke. So I got a new chain. The day I graduated high school with my Associates degree my turtle snapped in half at the neck. I thought i did something wrong until I noticed every turtle jewelry I got would break on big life events. I got around to asking my mom's friend why and she said it's because I no longer need the protection that turtle was giving me. But I suffer from ptsd from being kidnapped and suffering abuse, so I want the tattoo to protect my mind and sleep for the rest of my life

  8. I have the date of my moms suicide on the side of my hand, and some people think that’s morbid and I should have something more positive to memorialize her, but it’s just a day I’ll never forget. I would be such a different person today if not for that one day in 2012….

  9. The one about the older lady getting her grandson’s name in his bands logo font really made me think of Mitch lucker from suicide silence in a lot of ways now I gotta try to figure out if it was his grandma or I’ll never stop thinking about it

  10. You should ask this same question to people in the medical field. This stuff is my life every day. Except I'm not drawing on people I'm doing procedures on them and actually helping them. I hear and see sad shit every day. You build a tolerance to kind of protect yourself from it which people see as insensitive, but it still bothers you when you get home. I even have new co-workers asking me how I deal with some of it because it just breaks their heart. You get used to it is my answer. There's a high burn out rate in the medical field. Cool story right?