Tattoos That Artists Refuse | Tattoo Artists Answer

Tattoo artists reveal the tattoos that they refuse to do, and why the simplest of tattoos could be the worst.

Has your artist ever refused your tattoo idea? Let us know in the comments!

*Disclaimer: The views expressed in this video are those of the artists, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Inked.

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  1. Let people do and get what they want they just missing out on a bag if someone wants to get they lover tatted on them let them do that what’s the problem with that if they regret it that’s on them

  2. This one chick is so fin annoying first its shes a feminist, now its a tree thats familiar with some rapper wtf are you even talking about 🤣🤣 he was so angry, seems that tree really got to her, i wonder what fin tree thats is, time to google rapper trees, probably only get weed result 🤔

  3. If you're not comfortable doing religious tattoos because you're a "super athiest" that's your own choice and right, but don't sit there and eagerly volunteer that you'll do one upside down though. That's blatant hate & disrespect towards Christianity which is completely different than just being athiest.

  4. refusing a face tats in young clients was the the most responsible, caring and thoughtful decision. others are mostly their opinions and attitudes.

  5. I never will get that “I don’t tattoo a finger “ dude who got to decide if is ok or not is the client if will last or not is on us not on artist.

  6. I'm disappointed that I couldn't find any references in this whole comment section about the whole Tree & rapper tattoo that girl mentioned.

  7. I wanted a hand tattoo as my first tattoo. Got turned down at three different shops before I finally found an artist who agreed to do it. If you're persistent enough, then at least you know you really want the tattoo. I still love my Starship Enterprise 😀