Tattoos Ideas So Horrid We Refused To Do Them | Tattoo Artists React

Not every tattoo idea is a winner. Frankly, some of them are downright repugnant. We asked our panel of artists what types of tattoos they’ve had to refuse in the past. Some clients have wild ideas, some have concepts that no tattooer could ever possibly bring to life and come clients have ideas that are beyond disgusting.

At this rate, we’re pumping out seasons of Tattoo Artists React faster than those “Now This Is What I Call Music” psychopaths. This time around, we’ve brought back some of your favorite characters to share their ridiculous stories, per your requests. We also had the chance to sit down with some folks for the very first time. This season you’ll watch us tackle the big questions, tell some silly tales and react to this thing the kids seem to love called TikTok.

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  1. Once when I had my tattoo other guy came to ask If they would do him tattoo (i think of eagle) on whole face and in small talk they realised that he wanted it as a first his tattoo, big all over face. They didn't had to refuse because he thought booking appointment is "free" so he walked away angry at all world xD

  2. if you are in the comments asking if black power or BLM can be tattooed just admit you’re racist. Only people that knows what it means aren’t racist, while the racist people continue to unknowingly show themselves by acting like you don’t know what it means. Either that or you are just incredibly st*pid.

  3. So I think swastikas' require a bit of context, because if your dealing with a Buddhist that's the symbol of their religion, please don't forget that it is a stolen symbol and does not strictly belong to political people

  4. My first 3 tattoos (2 symbols and a half sleeve) were done by an artist who didn’t even specialize in the particular style I was asking for, yet he had this confidence in his own abilities and I was convinced he could perform the task. He drew up the sketches and I was sold, he was able to reimagine a concept, and paid special attention to placement, body flow, organization, and artistic design. It was to the point that the second half of my half sleeve, I gave him the ability to do something he did have a connection to, and it makes me love it that much more.

    My point in sharing this is don’t run away from an opportunity. It is just that.

  5. My tattoo artist told me he had a costumer that wanted his tongue tattooed.
    So i asked him; what did you do?
    And he was like: i asked him if he was f*cking crazy XD

  6. I feel like the guy who refused to do the wifes face was kinda snobby. Eh its my art blah blah blah.

    Yes technically but you get paid to give people what THEY want.

    Plus I think its romantic he wants his wifes face and not some random hot chick.

    Idk im trying to learn to tattoo and Im a romantic, I think its cute.

  7. Some of those are actually reasonable the artist just wasn't good enough you can find amazing tattoo artist probably more money but worth it

  8. 1 of my friends from back in the day who was always sketching & doodling everything, also got good grades in art class. He's now a famous tattoo artist in high demand. The cream rose to the top on this one, don't accept 2nd best.

  9. What’s sad is the swastika was a symbol of good for thousands of years. It’s a huge symbol for Hindus and Buddhism (my father being the latter). Then the Nazis grabbed it and tainted it… I wonder why they used that image

  10. Love how bald Guy is like no they aren't going ask you but they see me bald head think 🤔 he b down to do it his friend 😅🤣 just busts a rib and says they would 🤣 Bald Guy like I've told you if I could grow my hair I would lol 🤣😆 that straight killed me.

  11. My cousin wanted me to design an anatomical heart with a forest inside, going through a cheese grater with random words coming out. No all my friends know him as "Cheese Grater"