Tattoos Artists Refuse To Do… I Tattoo Artists Answer

From crude religious ink to Hitler portraits and “taint tats,” tattoo artists reveal the tattoos that they’ve refuse to do, and why the simplest of tattoos could be the worst.

Has your artist ever refused your tattoo idea? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I'm still waiting for an honest answer from a tattoo artist that says "I personally didn't wanna do their tattoo so I upcharged them a shitload to either rip them off/make me feel better or avoid doing it altogether"

  2. that's stupid that the dude said he wont do hand tattoos. my first tattoos were on my hands and fingers. they are dumb. i knew i wasnt ever going to need to get a job (im a writer) i mean it's just dumb. lol. and look here i am 11 year later. NEVER HAD A JOB. lmao. well i know a writer is a job but you know. where tatts arent allowed haha.

  3. I was thinking the whole damn video "what the heck is a SWAT sticker tattoo and why are there so many people wanting one?" It literally took me the whole video to realize the artists were talking about swastika.