Tattooing Paul Sr. at Sacred Arts | Celebrity Tattoos

Hey everybody! We had Paul Sr. from Orange County Choppers come in for some work. This is a huge compliment because he chose us for his work. For those of you who don’t know (those of you who do definitely need no explanation).
The rich, wealthy, and connoisseurs of choppers trust Paul Sr. and the Orange County Choppers crew to build the best bike they can ask for. And Paul Sr. trusts Mike Csanki and the Sacred Arts team to create his tattoos. He was an incredible client and we had a blast hanging out with him. And he’s already looking to come back for more! Please enjoy this short clip of our time tattooing Paul and be sure to subscribe for more.

Are you a celebrity? Looking to get professional work and be able to relax and enjoy the process? Trust Sacred Arts for your discrete, enjoyable tattoo experience.

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