Tattoo work by © Spraytattoo.Msk.

Tattoo work by © Spraytattoo.Msk.

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  1. This is pretty terrible.

    1. Huge black spot at the top looks like a cover up.

    2. Body is shaded to a crazy degree for no reason.

    3. Proportions of the body are terrible.

    4. This person absolutely cannot draw hands or feet. Zoom in on those parts. They look awful. One foot is a club, one leg is a chicken wing.

  2. Wow. That’s the single most ironic tattoo i’ve ever seen.

    1. Meditation is supposed to diminish the ego..
    2. It’s up side down.
    3. She’s blindfolded which also contradicts the symbolism of meditating which is strife for absolute truth.
    4. It’s a meditating blindfolded babe getting beamed up by a ufo.
    5. ^

  3. Technically a lot wrong with that.

    Why would you punch in all that black for just a background?

    Whole thing is upside down on the arm.

    It’s not a bad design, but it’s really missing on some of the basics.