Tattoo Shop Talk – rotary machines and suggestions

Tattoo Shop Talk on rotary machines and some suggestions.

Part two of our tech talk. This time more about rotary tattoo machines and what we found good about them and finishing it of with some suggestions based on our experiences.

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  1. lol he said critical is the best arrrgh noooo! It causes me troubles but I'm not sure if it's my bishop cord or the critical power. Thank fuck the new battery works great.

  2. Thanks for you review there. Could you tell me what brand is the direct drive you re saying it vibrates a lot and makes you hand go numb. I wanna know because I m considering several machines, similar design, like The Invictus from HM, made in Spain, if you ve heard of it and ever tried it. I need a new rotary that doesn t vibrate. Sadly I can t work with my coils anymore, my hand can t handle any vibration. Let me know if you ve got any advice! Thanks! Dai.

  3. question : when lookin at rotary machines and cartridge needles , is it to prefer to have a machine with no give when using cartridges or does that depend on the cartridge itself ? or does it work aswell with give on the machine

  4. I'm in the us I have a fuck load of machines but I feel like euro machines are really amazing I have a liner from Alex Rodriguez it's amazing cool machine but I'm really in love with the xion by fk and the new Cheyenne sol terra and hawk pen

  5. I have both the Lithuanian Moonlight and Sunshine machines… hands-down my favourites all day long! Their Buffalo Rotary is also a dream to use.
    There are lots of good European machine builders out there that don't cost the world to buy (Mao & Cathy, Fabio Mendez, etc).

  6. I had the same bishop rotary and after using it for 10months the motor broke..
    shitty stuff !! the handmade rotaries I have from private machine builders are waaay better
    than this big company bs!! my personal opinion

  7. I working with coils for years. Mostly sunskin and lauro paolini. (and some other brands) I try few times rotaries, but not working for me.. Maybe when my wrists gone i switch. But for now im loyal to the coils. Nice video guys.

  8. When I first started I got a Chinese kit but I ended up buying all new parts and rebuilding the machines till they tune really well. I also wondering if you ever used a 14 wrap coil and what you thought about the Inkjecta flite nano rotary. Thanks guys!!

  9. Sidewinder by Dan Kubin….lining off the tip with low weight, high power and for a rotary….minimal chance of over damaging the skin! Innovative and tattooing like a sharpie. V2 and v3 <3

  10. hey guys love this channel I'm a tattoo apprentice check out my channel for some art and tattoo related videos and if you comment on any of my videos then I will send a shout out on one of my next bids just for you.

  11. The first word of advise when buying a machine should be not to buy it in black if possible, it's much harder to see if it is not perfectly clean

  12. 👍 Varbūt varat uzsist klaču kādreiz par stroke, mašīnām, kam regulējams. Kā piemēram Lithuanian Irons Z rotary. Cik reāli tādu izmantot arī kā lining..? Jeb tas ir mārketings un nekas vairāk 🤷