Tattoo Shop Minimums Explained

In this video I discuss shop minimums in tattooing. Pretty much every tattoo artist and / or shop has a minimum charge that they are willing to take in exchange for a tattoo. In this video I explain why tattoo artists have minimum charges, what common minimum charge amounts are, as well as additional but obscure information about this concept.

This video is intended to educate tattoo clients that are new to getting tattooed about something that is common in our world but unknown to first timers. I hope that it helps to better prepare you for the start of your tattoo journey! Thanks for watching.

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  1. hi james, im about to finish getting my certifications and unfortunately ive had a really bad experience with the shop I’ve been learning at and do not want to stay after i get certified. Truthfully, I’m unsure about how to go about presenting my full tattoo portfolio to other shops, or how to approach finding a job at another shop, if you have any advice that would be great:) thank you

  2. My cursive letter tattoo was $50 and then I got an outline and color of a cartoon character and it was $175 which is reasonable I love them both

  3. The shop I am looking at has a minimum of $350 (my jaw dropped when I just saw that on their website). I personally wouldn’t want my first tattoo to be medium sized or large; I first need to test the waters and that my friend is too freaking much for a small tat!

  4. Another reason is that the artist could’ve booked a larger project for the same time and now would have to find two smaller projects for the same time – that should cost a premium.

  5. 54 years old, researching my first tattoo and I find your videos to be incredibly helpful. You really address all my questions in such a clear, concise and thorough way. Thank you so much! 💗

  6. I want to get two really small tattoos. I thought about getting them at the same time already and I will probably get them at the same time. That might get the price for both combined down, and if not that is also fine.

    I am actually surprised how cheap that is. I always thought that tattoos were way more expensive. Seriously, why do people even get cheap, crappy tattoos, when good tattoos don't cost that much?!

  7. Thanks for your videos. I don't have any tattoos yet, but want to get one soon. I've learned a lot of what to expect and what my part needs to be when I'm ready to do this.

  8. You’re explaining why there’s a minimum but I’m still having trouble understanding why a 5 second tattoo and a 30 min tattoo cost the same? You’re putting the same amount of effort before starting the tattoo but when it’s time to actually do the tattoo why wouldn’t a 5 sec one cost less than a 30 min one? If I go to a fast food place and order they won’t tell me that there’s a minimum price I have to pay even though they go through all the same cleaning and setting up to make all different kinds of food. Still just doesn’t make sense. I could see if a 5 second tattoo cost $60 (because it’s the min) and a 30 minute tattoo would cost like $80 or so; I’m not going to do the math I’m just saying it doesn’t make sense

  9. Shop here in wellington fl charges $200 / hour. Tatooist that im going with is super talented and well known. Colorfast studios.

  10. James, in northern ca. 20 miles from Oakland. What would I expect to pay for a Sailor Jerry type traditional eagle on my arm. Good artist, I don't know if 500.00 would make it, maybe 1000.00 Again good artist. Thanks James great site

  11. My artist is charging me 200 to touch my cross up and add my roseary and his shop minimum is 100 bucks that's no bad cause he's a good artist

  12. Too bad you don't work on small jobs, I wanna get my first tat, and it's honestly kinda small. I was gonna try and book you at No Limit in queens or Empire State in the city next year. Maybe you'll consider it, at a convention, since it' s small, and you can do it quickly? Will you have your full array of equipment to work on all skin tones (blacks)? I'll stop by and say hello either way, you should sell a book of all your work, and sign it for fans. Even if it's self-published, lol. You deserve a million subs, I really hope your channel blows up.

  13. Hey James, any plans on doing a tattoo aftercare video? Dozens out there but no-one really gives the detailed sound advice that you do with your other topics. Cheers🤙🏻

  14. I’m a Tattooer also in California and I also think the person is paying for the artist time and efficiency. It’s take Tattooer along to time to learn to do things of a good quality and be time effective.

  15. Just popping in to say I love your content! Started watching a little over a year ago before I got my first tattoo on my 18th birthday. 21 tattoos later and it's still super informative and well done.

  16. Well said … I have many tattoos … and people ask me questions (both people who have none, and people who have many home grown tats ). Most of what I have learned is from u, and straight out asking my artist…. knowledge is power… lol there is a lot people don’t know about shops …. great vid thanks😁👍

  17. Hey James, love your videos and honest opinions. Would you like to make a video explaining if/how different tattoo styles could be combined. For example I have some minimalist/traditional tattoos, but would like to have a realistic one, possibly a neo-traditional as well… I mean I love tattoos, getting more and more addicted, but in the same time I do not want to look like a joke, or a cloud rapper.

  18. I love that you consistently do your best to educate your audience in a concise manner, while at the same time showing respect to other artists and the differing ways they may handle things. Very evident that you have a lot of love for the tattoo community.