My New FORTIFIED TATTOO COMPANY! A VERY detailed look into the shop. Thank you everyone who helped make this possible. I appreciate you. Also thank YOU for watching!

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  1. How much do you make on average by month (I'm sorry if this sounds kinda rude, and I know that money is not the most important thing when it comes to tattooing, we have to focus more on bettering our craft first)? I'm thinking of becoming a tattoo artist just like you! Loved what you did to your shop by the way, it's very marvellous.

  2. dude sick shop! i am also a tattooer and have a fishing youtube i started last year, eventually i am gonna bring tattooing and fishing together on my channel. would love to come through some day! keep it up. btw the ceiling is my favorite!

  3. I am blown away every SINGLE time I see an update. Your work ethic, attention to detail and ideas are absolutely amazing dude. The old shop was so cool and I feel so thankful I got a chance to get tattooed by you there, very much looking forward to getting a lot more in this new shop. You honestly can make a fucking show out of this and tour tattoo shops and re do them if you ever wanted to. This is incredible. Congratulations on this amazing accomplishment to you and your family!!!