Tattoo Rescue: Tattoo Shops & Biker Gangs Don't Mix

A horror-themed tattoo shop in Georgia is overrun by a biker gang and tattoo business expert Joey Tattoo gives the owner literally once chance to save it. Catch the Series Premiere Sunday, July 21 at 10/9c.

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  1. Wow, your reply has changed my life. What wisdom is this you speak of? Please stop replying to others comments. Really make you look stupid, and not profound, if that is what you were going for?

  2. How do you know its 100 percent fake? Yea its fake to a certain extent but the show bar rescue. I know of a bar that they went to in Philly (my home town) and its a bar I went to before the rescue came and after and it IS improved. I know the owner and it is a real bar that had a real issue so how do you know this is 100 percent fake because its on Spike?

  3. dude, ether you like some reality shows or not because they all have a "fakeness" to them but they are what they are. this doesnt look bad and you cant say its bad because its fake because they all are and tv in itself is fake if you didnt know this so dont watch anything at all if that is the case.