Tattoo Regret Survey

Hey y’all, I’m an undergrad and I’m writing my thesis on why people regret their tattoos. If you are someone who has regretted getting a tattoo at some point in your life, it would help me out a ton if you could fill out this short survey, and if you’re feeling really motivated feel free to share it with people in your life! Also, if you all are interested, I will follow up and make a post once I have my results and have finished my thesis. Thanks for your time, and thanks to the mods for letting me post here!


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  1. And if we regret none of them? Even the one I got when I was 18? Isn’t it biased to only do a study on regret tattoos, further implying the old adage of “you’ll regret it”

  2. I’m not entirely sure what angle you are going for with your thesis, but my one critique of the survey is that there wasn’t a spot for us to explicitly state WHY we regret the tattoo/tattoo’s.

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