RockRollG talks about the Pros & Cons when using LIdocaine numbing products!
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  1. I have nerve damage throughout my whole right arm from a car crash. If I was to pinch myself where I have nerve damage. It hurts more than when I pinch my other arm without nerve damage. So I know getting a tattoo is going hurt more than normal. I was wondering would this cream help ease the pain? Or if there was anything else they could do for someone with nerve damage? (INB4 I don't think Tattoos hurt too much cause I have around 10ish but Im thinking now with nerve damage its really going light me the fuck up and hurt haha!)

  2. Hello, I am looking for someone to show and teach me how to take care of a full back tattoo that I am planning on getting by myself. I see videos of aftercare with someone helping the person put ointment on their back but nothing about how to take care of it by myself. If you have any tips about how to accomplish this, I would appreciate it

  3. glad i saw this ngl
    i've been thru enough pain in life i dont need more
    so numbing cream it is for my future tatts!!
    glad i saw these thank you!!

  4. I used the tattoo numbing cream on top of my shoulder towards my neck and this was my first time using any numbing cream and I am covered with tattoos didn't feel a thing except the wiping that hurt worse then getting tattooed any recommendations on y the wiping was hurting me while being numb I wanna get my neck tattooed n gonna use the numbing cream again but it's just the wiping part the I'm iffy on

  5. Personally id never use it. For me the pain is part of the ritual and always has been. Id much rather feel pain than nothing. You are taking away a massive element of the experience. I want to feel like ive earned the tattoo by enduring through the ritual. The artist has his job, and my jobs to handle it. There is a sense of pride after enduring through 6-8 hours of tattooing. It wouldnt exist if i felt nothing and took a nap. My artist agrees but he is also Russian so tattoo needle like baby feather. Its not even that bad to begin with. Id estimate i have over 50 hours in my life and about 4 laser sessions. Now that id use the cream for!

  6. Does dr.numb or any other numbing creams work well on skin that’s already been broken as far as if your going back in for another session? Like to fill up a tattoo that you already started?

  7. So I want to get the other side of my neck done, expecting at least a 5hr session, I've heard walgreens/CVS brand hemorrhoid cream works amazing and if you've ever heard about it b4?

  8. Where can I buy the spray I looked everywhere. I'm planning on getting my stomach tatted was thinking of using the during spray. Awesome explanation.

  9. Your shipping is FAST! I had my first one done on my forearm yesterday I wanted to feel what it felt like without anything and it wasn't bad at all. However, my tattoo is small and didn't take long. I have already been planning my next and it will probably take 4 to 6 hours so, I may be using Tattoo numbing cream to make it it through that session.

  10. the cream works, however it will only last 2.5 hours =(, but then the burn will be worse. might need to combine the cream and spray for 6 hours sessions.