Tattoo Font Designer App – review

Tattoo Font Designer App Review

This android device app is made to help tattoo enthusiasts bring their simple tattoo ideas to life. App have free and paid version. Paid version contains a lot more fonts. I found this app fun. The best way of use in my opinion would be – either for tattoo enthusiasts who want to play around with it or great app for walk in type of shops to have on tablets at the shop from to entertain customers.

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  1. Hola people. For them interested individuals – could you add you preferred method of contact you so them coupon codes are not just hanging here. Thank you all

  2. I agree with your comments. It is irritating as an artist to have people come in with boring old fonts. Always asking for small butterfly finger tattoos. Asking for tattoos that other people already have. I try to switch it up as much as possible and show them. Why have this old boring tattoo when I can make it better. It does bring people in. They see things and it brings them to me. After telling the client you can't do a really small font on their pinky finger. I draw up a picture and say we can do this. Tell the client it is isn't good to do the entire cold play song lyrics, their aunties and uncles names, and their cat all in one small tattoo. Instead we can do a picture of a cat, with your aunties name under it, and some music notes. It always ends up in the person getting a tattoo. Then I get paid for doing it. Can't complain about that too much. Then the person comes back and start getting more custom work done. This is a great way to get people thinking about getting a tattoo. It gets the ball rolling. It is my job to take that enthusiasm and push it a little further. Good video! No need for codes. I already have it on my phone and tablet. I don't use it much but I let other people play with it. Usually when someone comes in for a tattoo they always bring friends and family. It gives them something to do instead of getting in my space to see how the tattoo is going.

  3. Hey Gang! Good seeing face change LOL Script is my weekness, I've been playing with the Free version an like it! It would be Great to get a coupon and try the advanced version! Thanks for sharing! Keep up the Good Works!

  4. Good idea, just tried it…would be nice if you could select, size and print straight from the app. Not many good tattoo font apps available