TATTOO CAREER & FAMILY BALANCE ♛ (Being a Tattoo Artist Series)

In this episode of BEING A TATTOO ARTIST by Electric Linda: All about Balancing between Tattoo Career and Family Life. If you like this video, please give it a thumbs up, and if you want to see more of my stuff in the future, subscribe to my channel! Let me know if you have any questions or tips for new videos. I am still pretty new here so I will not mind some feedback!

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I am Electric Linda, founder of Attitude Tattoo Studio, one of Norway’s biggest and most well-known tattoo studios. I have been tattooing since 2000. I’ve had the pleasure of tattooing a lot of celebrities like Yosef and Tshawe from Madcon, Hank Von Hell, Mac Miller, Vinni, Omer Bhatti and many more. Over the years I have won over 50 international tattoo awards around the world as a tattoo artist. Read more about me:



Electric Linda
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  1. As a fine arts student ther should not be destruction…. art is very demanding I agree with you Linda you have to put your soul and all of you thare!! Some people might not understands because the are not artist…

  2. Great video — great subject. Nice that you can help aspiring youngsters out. Myself my train has already left the station. I want to be a tattoo artist but I provide for my family so I can’t work for free which means I can’t be an apprentice … Hard one. Therefore I’m glad to see and hear young ones thinking of this ahead. Which I would have known what I wanted to do back then. 🙌👍

  3. What did you do to your neck? You should sue the person who did this to you. It looks awful! I'm sorry but this is not normal, it looks like you are wearing a turtleneck sweater.

  4. I manage a 24×7 emergency communications center. When fully staffed, I manage about 60 folks who answer 911 for those in need, as well as dispatch help to them. I am the only manager and am always on call. There is no real balance of work and life. I have no idea what a 40 hour workweek looks like, I may go crazy if ever forced into a box like that. My partner keeps an equally crazy schedule, so we only see each other in passing about 3 times a week. Important work comes at a cost, this fact is not lost on me. A family would be impossible; this loss belongs to me and my partner alone.

  5. I am a barber and I love your videos!! A lot of your advice is true for the industry I'm in as well. I have twins and balancing work with family is so so hard.

  6. I chose my tattooing career over family. I don’t have kids and I’m not married. Don’t regret a day of it. Thank you for these videos.

  7. Hi, Linda!! I just started watching your videos! I find them very interesting! I am a tattoo addict from the United States! I was just wondering if you could make a video of all or some of the tattoo artists in action?

  8. I love Norway. I once took a tour that took me all the way up the coast to Svalbard ! Beautiful! I am always amazed how younger norwegians ( and dutch) speak English better than we Americans.
    For me , my job which I did for 34 years required me to work 12 plus hours a day. I had almost no family life, so ultimately I paid the consequences. That's life some times. As always great video. Sorry I found it late.

  9. Super helpful! I started my apprenticeship about 6 weeks ago now and I watch your videos all the time. This one in particular was so helpful and spot on with advice about being dedicated!

  10. I only use insta for work but i just followed both of your pages! And omfg…LINDA!! I didnt even know tattoos could look like that!💜💜💜 so amazing

  11. I love my tattoo artist because he just opened up his own shop where he is a one-man band. He is working for himself and he only tattoos one client at a time. He won’t ever haveMore than one person at or in his shop. He likes it that way.

  12. hi my name is Devin I'm from Dallas Texas been tattooing for 6 months and draw 5 to 6 hours a day and was wondering how to go about getting a tattoo aprentaship or how u went about getting it tattoo aprentaship my goal is to have my aprentaship in 2years and be in a shop or own my own tattoo shop but I don't know where to start do you have any advice

  13. I found this the most interesting video for tonight. All of the questions you ask; I've been asked by my coach (basically a therapist which works more individually and into the development of a person rather than going by scematics of therapy like " you got this disease/problem, ergo you need to do this and you'll feel better" so more individually training people to develop themselves and do so w/out needing someone to hold their hand throughout the process). Thank you so much for your videos, your straightforward attitude and the great note you ended my night on. See you next vid 🙂

  14. Hey Linda,I really want to thankyou for making these videos .You've answered all the questions I had .I'm 58 yo [male] welder/biker type from upstate NY and just starting to have all the tattoos .I've ever wanted done.[5 planned] found a good shop in nearby Rome NY and am looking forward to it.Thanks again for taking the time and keep up the good work.