Tattoo by © Dodepras Lumina.

Tattoo by © Dodepras Lumina.

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  1. Tattoo looks sick, I can’t deny that. But big ol’ Baphomet the middle should have his left hand pointing down as he represents the saying “What occurs above so reflects below, or As above so below” as he has one hand pointing upwards towards heaven and the other downwards towards hell. Still a sick fuckin tattoo though

  2. It’s really well done but all the devil worship shit is just kind of stupid. I’m not religious at all. But it just seems like kind of a cheap way to try to shock people. Like a little goth kids screaming for attention.

  3. After each shower I put coconut oil (virgin 100%) on my tattooed skin. This is my tattoo maintanence. I can’t imagine doing the same maintanence if I’d have my whole back tattooed.

    I am afraid to ask how much time it took to finish all that magnificent art.